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Sports Budget for Sunday, May 17, 2020

Updated at 10 p.m. EDT (0200 UTC)

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^Kevin Harvick wins NASCAR's return race at Darlington Raceway<

^CAR-REALHEROS-HARVICK:CH—<Kevin Harvick didn't look the slightest bit rusty after a two-month hiatus from racing. Instead, on Sunday at Darlington Raceway, the Cup Series points leader sailed to his 50th career victory to continue a dominant 2020 campaign. He then exited his car for a quiet celebration.

"I didn't think it was going to be that much different and then it's dead silent out here," Harvick said during an interview on Fox TV right after the race, acknowledging the unusual pre- and post-race circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. "So we miss the fans."

500 by Alex Andrejev. MOVED


^Seahawks' Quinton Dunbar to be released on $100,000 bond after surrendering to police in Florida<

^FBN-SEAHAWKS-DUNBAR:SE—<Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar will be released from Broward County jail on $100,000 bond following a hearing Sunday morning in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.

The state of Florida asked at the bail hearing for a no-bond hold for Dunbar, who surrendered Saturday on four felony counts of armed robbery related to an incident in Miramar, Florida, on Wednesday.

But Broward Circuit Judge Michael Davis levied a $25,000 bond on each count. Dunbar's attorney, Michael Grieco, said Dunbar would be released Sunday.

800 by Bob Condotta. MOVED

Also moving as:

^FBN-BAKER-DUNBAR:FL—<500 by Austen Erblat. MOVED


^How Erin Andrews' first gig with the Lightning kick-started her broadcast career<

HKN-LIGHTNING-ANDREWS-SPORTSPLUS:PT — Before she became one of the most well-known women in sports broadcasting, Erin Andrews got a crash course in hockey reporting from the unlikeliest of mentors.

Looking for her first long-term gig after graduating from the University of Florida in 2000, Andrews landed with the Lightning as a rink-side reporter in September 2001 at 22.

But she didn't know anything about hockey. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, she went to a Lightning game here and there, but she was fuzzy on the difference between a power play and a penalty kill.

1100 by Mari Faiello in Tampa, Fla. MOVED


^Trump says return of sports essential for country's 'psyche'<

TRUMP-SPORTS:BLO — Donald Trump said that the return of professional sports was essential for the "psyche of our country" as it rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic.

The president promised robust virus testing for athletes and spectators as he called into the broadcast of a charity golf event on Sunday.

400 by Justin Sink and Jordan Fabian in Washington. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Rory McIlroy's final shot in a closest-to-the-pin playoff caps big day at Seminole for COVID-19 relief efforts<

^GLF-SKINS-MCILROY:PM—<Golf returned Sunday for the first time in more than two months with the TaylorMade Driving Relief charity skins match and from the start, everything was different.

Four players in shorts. All carrying their own bags. Wide-open unobstructed views of plush fairways, sand dunes, palm trees and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. No spectators. No caddies. Players spying the hole through rangefinders. No handling of the flagsticks. No one shouting, "Get in the hole."

And, some trash talk.

"I think you forget I've won two FedEx Cups that totaled $25 million," said McIlroy, ranked No. 1 in the world, schooling the 21-year-old Wolff after paring the second hole.

800 by Tom D'Angelo. MOVED


^Paul Sullivan: Has baseball reached its endgame? A hypothetical look back at the demise of our national pastime.<

BBO-SULLIVAN-COLUMN:TB — Good morning, students.

Welcome back to our class, "History of Baseball in America."

I hope you all have read the required e-material for today, and in a minute we'll have the book's author, former baseball writer Adam Fraley, joining us to give his views on the extinction of what once was considered the national pastime.

Before Mr. Fraley Zooms in, let me remind you the e-papers on last week's e-lesson, "The Rise and Fall and Rise of A-Rod," are due tomorrow.

1200 by Paul Sullivan in Chicago. MOVED


^Bob Brookover: Bryce Harper and other players deserve their salaries since they're taking all the risk<

BBO-BROOKOVER-COLUMN:PH — Now, we know what the owners want to do and how they plan to do it. That much was outlined Thursday night by Commissioner Rob Manfred when he went on CNN and detailed how the owners envision starting the COVID-19-shortened baseball season in early July.

"I think it is hopeful that we have major league baseball this summer," Manfred said. "We are making plans about playing in empty stadiums, but, as I've said before, all of those plans are dependent upon what the public health situation is and us reaching the conclusion that it will be safe for our players and other employees to come back to work."

1200 by Bob Brookover in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Matt Calkins: Blake Snell's salary comments overshadow players' legitimate gripes in dispute over 2020 MLB season<

BBO-CALKINS-COLUMN:SE — The great asset a writer possesses that a broadcaster does not is the delete key. There are countless sentences my fellow scribes and I have typed that would have drowned our reputations had we not had the ability to do an about-face.

I think Rays pitcher and Seattle native Blake Snell wishes he could have a take back after comments he made earlier this week regarding a reduced salary should Major League Baseball come back this year. Regardless of his intent, he came off far more entitled than he did insightful.

850 by Matt Calkins in Seattle. MOVED


^No fans? No spitting? This ex-Ranger adjusts to safety protocol for baseball in Korea.<

^BBA-RANGERS-HOYING:FT—<The worst part about playing baseball in Korea isn't the lack of fans.

That's a new way of life, though, as the Korea Baseball Organization gives its season a go in a country considered one of the models for flattening the coronavirus curve.

The worst part is the COVID-19 test, essentially a long Q-tip being stuffed down the throat and jammed up both nostrils.

Way down and way up.

"Yeah, it's terrible," said Jared Hoying, the right fielder for the Hanwha Eagles.

800 by Jeff Wilson. MOVED


^Benjamin Hochman: A new Bob Gibson rookie card? Topps makes 20 versions of iconic Cardinals' card.<

^BBN-HOCHMAN-COLUMN:SL—<For the year 2020, Topps had the first-year cards of 20 players recreated 20 times by 20 artists. Every Monday-Friday, Topps unveils two of the cards on its website — each for sale at $20 (well, $19.99). The cards only are available for 48 hours. Topps prints as many as were purchased and ordered online, and that's it.

And one of the 20 cards is a Card — the 1959 Bob Gibson. Inside a circle in the center of the card, there's the fresh-faced pitcher from the chest up. The rest of the card is pink. And in all lowercase, "bob gibson" streaks above the circle atop the card. So far, Topps has released four versions of the Gibson rookie card — from artists Tyson Beck, Sophia Chang, Keith Shore and a man who goes by the name Grotesk.

1000 by Benjamin Hochman. MOVED

^Yoenis Cespedes, Mets would hit it off well with universal DH<

^BBN-METS-CESPEDES:ND—<The Mets, built for years like an American League team, soon might be able to fill out a lineup card like one.

One detail in MLB's restart proposal — if the players' union agrees, if the coronavirus pandemic abates enough, if there is a 2020 season — offers a solution to the Mets' too-many-bats problem: making the designated hitter a standard rule across the majors, bringing the National League into the late 20th century.

An extra 300 plate appearances during the planned 80-ish games of the 2020 season (or about 600 in a normal season) could benefit several Mets, chief among them Yoenis Cespedes.

600 by Tim Healey. MOVED

^David Lennon: MLB's return will need to be by the book if baseball is going to return this summer<

^BBO-LENNON-COLUMN:ND—<Now that Major League Baseball has its COVID-19 playbook down on paper, we can see that the 67-page manual appears to cover all the bases in meticulously worded detail.

It's got everything most of us wondered about, and plenty that we hadn't even thought of. Such as banning mascots. Is there a more effective PPE than Mr. Met's giant baseball head?

But that massive undertaking was merely Step 1. Not only does the Players Association have to sign off on these unprecedented guidelines, but everyone will have to adhere to them if baseball is going to happen this summer.

And not just occasionally. Every day. For up to six months.

800 by David Lennon. MOVED

^Kirk Kenney: DH coming to the National League? Totally bogus.<

^BBO-KENNEY-COLUMN:SD—<The NL has remained true to the game all these years, refusing to give in to peer pressure. Or pressure from the MLB Players Association, which has been pushing for a DH for more than three decades (the better to keep all hit/no field players employed).

There is no good reason to give in now. There is plenty of offense in the game. It was pitching dominance in the late 1960s that led the AL to take the bat out of the pitchers' hands.

To the idea of bringing the DH to the National League I ask — What's so fun about that?

1000 by Kirk Kenney. MOVED



^Rick Stroud: Brace for the impact of an iconic NFL quarterback like Tom Brady, Tampa Bay<

FBN-STROUD-COLUMN:PT — So this is how the upper crust in the NFL live, eh? This is how it feels for those lucky enough to have been born in the end zone. This is how fan bases react when they have an iconic quarterback who brings an identity to their city and Super Bowl parade routes to their streets.

"The impact that has on a small-market team is immense," Bucs quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen said. "You're kind of privileged. There aren't that many. And for your town to get one, it's special. It's not like everyone wouldn't love to have one. They're hard to find. They don't exist."

1600 by Rick Stroud in Tampa, Fla. MOVED


^Gene Collier: Are places like Heinz Field obsolete and we just don't know it yet?<

^FBN-COLLIER-COLUMN:PG—<Suddenly, it doesn't seem to matter much that SoFi Stadium will have a translucent ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (plastic) roof and an ovular video board of some 120 yards in length with its own name, cyclopean as it may be, "The Oculus". (If nothing else, that will mean Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones no longer owns America's largest TV.)

SoFi Stadium cost $5 billion, a frightful figure in the best of times, which, you've probably noticed, these ain't. What if, maybe you've wondered in some of your darker Hunker Games moments, places like SoFi Stadium and the new $1.8 billion Allegiant Stadium set to host the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders and worthy structures of similar purpose — Heinz Field, PNC Park, PPG Pizzeria, along with America's grand theaters and concert halls — what if they are all obsolete and we just don't know it yet?

800 by Gene Collier in Pittsburgh. MOVED

^Assessing the Giants' options at cornerback amid DeAndre Baker's legal issues<

^FBN-GIANTS-BAKER:ND—<One of the provisions of the hearing that set DeAndre Baker's bail at $200,000 on Sunday morning is that he cannot leave the state of Florida, although the judge said that could be modified at a later date if he needs to be elsewhere for employment.

Whether or not that will be necessary remains to be seen.

Baker remains on the Giants' 90-man roster, but the team can't be counting on him returning as a starting cornerback for the 2020 season. If his legal troubles remain unresolved when the Giants are able to return to the field, a likely outcome will be his placement on the commissioner's exempt list. Depending on the outcome of his case, the Giants could also decide to cut ties with the player they selected with a first-round pick just 13 months ago.

600 by Tom Rock. MOVED


^Ira Winderman: Of course this would be an asterisk season<


Is there really any question to that part of the 2019-20 NBA equation, no matter how it plays out from here?

No, not necessarily tainted. That would be far too harsh in light of the perseverance that will be required to potentially complete what began on Oct. 22.

But certainly atypical. Because it has never been this way before, and almost assuredly (hopefully?) never to be this way again.

The previous asterisk debates in the NBA centered on the lockout-shortened 1998-99 and 2011-12 seasons.

700 by Ira Winderman. MOVED


^Michael Jordan severed a tendon in his right index finger with a cigar cutter after the 1997-98 season. How much did that influence his decision to retire?<

^BKN-JORDAN-FINGER:TB—<"The Last Dance," ESPN's 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, presents that season as one that management declared would be the final chapter of the dynasty before it even began.

The series, which concludes Sunday night with Episodes 9 and 10, has left viewers to ponder how long the Bulls could have kept winning championships if management (aka general manager Jerry Krause) had not been so intent on breaking up the team.

The reality, however, is a bit more complicated, especially considering Jordan severed a tendon in his right index finger during the summer after the 1998 championship, an injury that has become a footnote over time.

700 by Jamal Collier. MOVED


^NBA in isolation and quarantine? One Heat view is that it would breed 'bad basketball.'<

^BKN-HEAT-HASLEM:FL—<Udonis Haslem appreciates the perspective.

There are far greater concerns at the moment than NBA basketball players earning NBA wages being limited with their access.

But he also appreciates the game, and the potential of what playoff basketball can be about, which is why the Miami Heat captain also hopes that mental wellness will be factored into a potential league restart.

"You've got to give guys outlets, so they can stay mentally healthy," he told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "Because, if not, the game is going to struggle, you're going to get bad basketball. Guys aren't going to be happy and it's just not going to work."

650 by Ira Winderman. MOVED


^Nets' Spencer Dinwiddie's long-shot crowdfunding campaign off to slow start<

^BKN-NETS-DINWIDDIE:NY—<Spencer Dinwiddie's attempt at crowdfunding his free agency hasn't taken off yet.

As of Sunday afternoon, the business-driven Dinwiddie had raised less than $1,000 on his GoFundMe page, well short of the pace necessary to finish with his stated goal of $24,632,630. He opened the page Friday and accumulating $1,000 every two days would require 136 years of fundraising to reach the target.

550 by Stafan Bondy. MOVED

^David Murphy: Can the coronavirus hiatus turn the Sixers into an NBA Finals contender? It certainly won't hurt their chances.<

^BKN-MURPHY-COLUMN:PH—<Shortly after the NBA season was postponed in the middle of March, there was a story about a group of whitewater rafters who'd returned from a 30-day excursion in the Grand Canyon to discover that a pandemic had shut down society while they were away.

Most of the rafters expressed surprise at the turn of events, but if there was a Sixers fan in the group, I imagine that he or she just shrugged.

If you've followed this team for the last several years, you'll know that a world-wide plague was well within the range of potential outcomes for a season that saw the Sixers enter as one of the co-favorites to advance out of the East to the NBA Finals.

1000 by David Murphy. MOVED



^How Dabo uses Michael Jordan to motivate his Clemson football team<

^FBC-CLEMSON-SWINNEY:CS—<Sports fans around the country have been glued to the television during "The Last Dance" centered on Michael Jordan during the past several weeks. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is no different.

"Did I watch it? Are you kidding me. I had my ankles taped, my eye black on. I mean I was daggum ready, man," Swinney said during an interview with WCCP following the first two episodes last month. "It was like mandatory watching in the Swinney household. I sent the whole team a message saying, 'Hey, we end all debate tonight. Make sure you're tuned in.'"

550 by Matt Connolly. MOVED


^Josh Gattis is on a mission to supercharge Michigan football's offense<

^FBC-MICHIGAN-GATTIS:DE—<Josh Gattis has rarely had a quiet moment to himself in quarantine.

If anything, he seems busier than ever.

Michigan football's offensive coordinator has been installing the offense, one session per week. He has watched cutups of last season. On Mondays, Gattis meets with the entire offense, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, he meets with individual position groups. He has formed a leadership group that meets on Fridays. And when he has spare time, he's either video chatting or calling recruits.

The coronavirus outbreak has changed how Gattis can coach. But it hasn't changed his objective: Take Michigan's offense to the next level.

1050 by Orion Sang. MOVED


^John Clay: The NCAA is finally acting on the FBI college basketball investigation<

^BKC-CLAY-COLUMN:LX—<Never mind those stay-at-home orders, the NCAA has been making news.

Basketball news. Infractions committee news. The Indianapolis enforcers are finally following up on the FBI's college basketball corruption scandal in 2017. Notice of allegations have been issued. Some responses have been made. More of both are sure to come. So, updates:

700 by John Clay. MOVED


^Roy Williams extends UNC basketball offer to Westover guard D'Marco Dunn<

^BKC-UNC-DUNN:RA—<North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is starting to attempt to put his 2021 class in place and recently made an offer to a rising in-state prospect.

Westover High School guard D'Marco Dunn posted on Twitter Sunday that he received an official offer from UNC.

Dunn (6-4, 180) is the No. 5 player in North Carolina in the class of 2021 according to 247Sports. Dunn also holds offers from Vanderbilt, Maryland, Clemson, Texas and VCU among others.

200 by Jonas E Pope IV. MOVED


^Miami Hurricanes add all-America East guard Elijah Olanayi as transfer from Stony Brook<

^BKC-MIAMI-OLANAYI:MI—<The Miami Hurricanes are reaching into the transfer portal once again — this time in men's basketball. Elijah Olaniyi, a talented guard for the Stony Brook Seawolves, is heading to Coral Gables.

Olaniyi announced his decision Sunday on Twitter even though he was unable to visit because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Thank you StonyBrook Basketball for the lessons over the years, for the highs and the lows because those are the things that have shaped me into the man I am today," Olaniyi wrote. "Thank you to all the schools that recruited me through this process but the wait is over. Next fall I will be attending The University of Miami."

Unless he receives a waiver, Olaniyi will have to sit out the upcoming season. The 6-foot-5, 203-pound guard from Newark, New Jersey, has one season of eligibility remaining.

350 by David Wilson. MOVED



^UCLA hires Martin Jarmond as athletic director<

^FBC-UCLA-JARMOND:LA—<UCLA, the school that produced Jackie Robinson, Kenny Washington and Arthur Ashe, has found its latest racial pioneer.

His name is Martin Jarmond, and he was hired Sunday to become the Bruins' athletic director, the first African American in that role in the school's 101-year history, replacing longtime department boss Dan Guerrero.

950 by Ben Bolch in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Cars are rumbling, but the buzz around town just not the same on this NASCAR race day<

CAR-DARLINGTON:CS — Roger Collins just wants to hear that sound again, the car engines rumbling off in the distance. That sound is the lone connection to the way it was before, the way it was two long, long months ago.

The silence today is strange. It's nearly noon on Sunday — race day — and the streets around Darlington Raceway are lined with checkered flags yet utterly devoid of people. Collins, 57, sits outside of his mobile home, on a campground just off Indian Branch Road. This is where he'll take in the Real Heroes 400, the first NASCAR race since March 7 and one of the first sporting events to take place in the coronavirus era.

Collins loves living so close to the raceway, loves when every inch of the spacious green grass around him is filled with NASCAR fans and their RVs. It's an opportunity to make new friends. But today the campground is empty, and that emptiness is strange, too.

1000 by Michael Lananna in Darlington, S.C. MOVED



^'Successful in every way': Alistair Overeem TKO win highlights UFC Fight Night in Jacksonville<

MMA-OVEREEM:JK — UFC's stay in Jacksonville will go down as a week of comebacks.

So Alistair Overeem ended it with a comeback of his own.

Nearly finished off inside the opening 90 seconds, Overeem rallied to defeat Walt Harris in the main event at UFC Fight Night late Saturday, a conclusion to a three-night display of mixed martial arts combat on the First Coast.

Twenty-two fighters capped a week of sweat and occasional blood inside the octagon, a return to competition amid the continuing uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

900 by Clayton Freeman in Jacksonville, Fla. MOVED



^Sideline Chatter: And throwing out the first pitch? Casper the Friendly Ghost<

^SIDELINECHATTER:SE—<"Fake Me Out To The Ball Game," anyone?

Baseball's independent-league St. Paul Saints will hold a virtual home opener on Tuesday — dubbed "Nopening Day" — featuring curbside T-shirt pickup for the first 7,000, videos and a "postgame" fireworks show.

What, no autograph booths featuring Joe Hardy, Roy Hobbs and Moonlight Graham?

900 by Dwight Perry. MOVED


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