Some streets in Harker Heights are currently under a boil water notice because someone illegally entered the city’s water pump station, according to a news release from the city.

Residents at Eagle Ridge, Rodeo Circle, Riata Circle, Vista and Jubilation Drive need to boil their water, according to the release.

Jerry Bark, the public relations director for the city, provided a statement in the news release.

“Staff found locks cut allowing access to the ground storage tank and the tank lid lock was found to be cut. Staff has isolated the tank and is bypassing it and feeding the higher elevation areas directly at this time,” Bark said. “The tank will be drained, inspected, cleaned, disinfected, refilled and bacteriologically tested. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has been notified. The system lines will also be flushed in the higher elevation areas as well.”

Should any citizens in the affected area need bottled water please contact 254-953-5649 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and after hours please contact 254-681-6779.

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It is 6 Apr 20. Is the "Boil water" notice still in effect?


I think this is a terrorist attack. Why else would anyone break in and tamper with someone’s water? Are there cameras on site there? How often is this checked? How long had the locked been cut? Is all of Harker Heights now at risk for contaminated water? Worst part is, contaminated with what?


This is not good, but please let the public know if you guys need extra security let some of us retirees pull guard I know I would be more than happy to assist


Probably someone with corona wanted to spread it to everyone, so he/she spit in the water supply.

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