A sewage overflow was reported in Harker Heights on Wednesday. 

"On January 2, 2019, the City of Harker Heights had a sewage spill in the Wastewater Collection System (near North Amy Lane) amounting to 352,000 gallons," according to a release from the city.

The cause of the spill was due to heavy rainfall and rain water entering the sewer collection system.

According to a city document, about 3.75 inches of rain fell in a 30-hour period.

"The area potentially affected is South Nolan Creek near North Amy Lane. The creek has been tested at the affected site for dissolved oxygen levels. There is no adverse impact to the creek," according to the release. "This notification is precautionary and the City will continue testing and monitoring South Nolan Creek."

Harker Heights officials said they have started the cleanup and notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about the spill.

The city advises people from swimming in the creek.

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Calvin P

I actually took the time to create an account because of a recent business adventure that I was pursuing. The property I was looking at buying is in the flood zone and the city wouldn’t let me build a parking lot there because it was in the flood zone. The waste plant however was built in the flood WAY by the city of Harker Heights. It’s their own damn fault for building in the flood Way. Also let it be known that the property I want to build a freaking park I lot on didn’t get flooded. City officials told me that “it was before their time” yeah right. You just did what you wanted but won’t let a citizen do what they want

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