Jim Wright

Jim Wright a local business owner poses for a portrait in his office on Wednesday, May 25, 2017.

A prominent Killeen businessman is receiving backlash online after he reposted a statement on Facebook littered with racial slurs last week.

Jim Wright, the owner of Jim Wright Company in Killeen, said he has received over 100 phone calls from people complaining about the post.

He said he did not intend for the post to be racist toward anyone. He said he apologized, and that if he could take it back he would.

“It was giving examples of racist words, not trying to be racist,” Wright said.

The Jim Wright Company was established in 1974 in Killeen and operates in residential and commercial real estate development, including many rental properties.

The post asked, “why is it only whites can be racist?”

Wright said he did not mean to hurt anyone with the post and that about half of his staff are minorities, and he does not think they would call him a racist.

Jonathan Hildner is one of the founders of the Let’s Move Killeen, which has organized community protests, and he provided comments over the phone on Friday.

“The issue is that it has been more than this post. The community reacted that they were not surprised by Wright’s comments,” Hildner said.

He also said what he thinks Wright could do following the post.

“I think at the very least he can come out with an official apology. I also think it’s time that he shows his support in the Black and brown community,” Hildner said.

TaNeika Driver-Moultrie, president of the Killeen branch of the NAACP,  said in an email that she wanted to comment because Wright mentioned the NAACP. 
“Jim needs to make a public apology - period. It’s not an option. Regardless of what was meant, THAT is how it was taken - as racial comments toward the Black and Brown community that he lives in, that he works in and the people that he does business with and those that give their money to him.  UNACCEPTABLE!”

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Nothing here move on,


This is ludicrous. Jim Wright has been in business far too long dealing with and employing way too many people. You're not as successful as he is by not treating people the way they deserve to be treated.

Everything people say is being twisted to the advantage of every ethnic group with a perceived grievance.

It's time to quit caving in to the ruse of racism and return to the rule of law and common sense!

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