Killeen mayor: Emergency declaration in the works

The Killeen City Council has postponed its Tuesday workshop, as well as its Wednesday special meeting, due to the winter weather system moving through the area.

Mayor Jose Segarra said by telephone on Monday that an emergency declaration is also being developed due to the weather system, in conjunction with the city attorney and emergency management offices. The declaration will be similar to the one issued by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in response to the weather system.

Segarra said he plans to sign the declaration when it is ready, which was expected to be sometime late Monday afternoon.

The Killeen Council’s regular Tuesday workshop meeting is tentatively slated for 5 p.m. Thursday at City Hall, according to the city’s website.

The special meeting, a presentation on the city’s new comprehensive plan, will be postponed to a later date.

“As of right now, that’s the plan,” Segarra said, adding that tentatively the workshop would be rescheduled for Thursday, with some possible agenda items set for Tuesday to be discussed.

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Special Kay

Dear City Of Killeen,

Didnt y'all get lots of money for the city? That's funny y'all have all this money to build more empty strip malls but cant invest in proper wiring to secure us from emergency situations like this. I was without power for almost 24 hours last week. They want to correct the problem after the fact. And no, we do not regulate who and who doesn't have power. That is ridiculous, i'm far from rich.


What a nightmare. So this is what we pay Oncor to do? Total calamity from a billion dollar rip-off organization.

You mean nobody new 2 weeks ago that a massive polar vortex/ Hurricane was in route?

The grocery stores shore understood what was coming. We need a major statewide investigation as to what happened and is negligent for this monstrosity!!!


We are in copperas cove texas and gave been without power since 1am Monday...

No heat or way to cook and freaking out.

What's pissing me off is the fact they are controlling the outages!


They need to turn on the power! Before people freeze to death!

WTF are they thinking!?



Hey Michele we hate to see this is why it had no power when we just drove through copperas cove a hour ago. It was odd only cove was having blackouts. Yes it’s pitch dark most stores closed and it’s 4degrees.

We can bring you guys some things for the night. We live in Killeen.

The @Mayor and entire @Copperascove city counsel should be ashamed. You worry about destroying a beautiful highwayy ur tax payers paid for to make it less than what it is now. City comptroller needs to step up and get some things corrected and regulated correctly. No way in the world your citiz me should be going without because a handful made a decision for the many.



Yes, it is a shame that they are regulating the power. Here in Killeen some have power and some don't. But one thing you can probably count on is that the one's regulating have power; are eating and not worried about keeping the old and little ones with heat and food because they are good. Here in Killeen I am one of those that do not have power and have not had it since 1am on Monday 15 February and now it is Tuesday 16 February 2021. Having no power is like being homeless.

Special Kay

Not true, i was without power Thursday, and with power last night. I am not rich!

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