To the Editor:

Once again Jim Kilpatrick, Butch Menking, Debbie Nash-King and Juan Rivera voted to support the builders and developers instead of the taxpayers (by voting against impact fees). Their voting records insure the City of Killeen taxpayers will continue to pay for new roads, water pipes, and wastewater pipes serving new private developments.

These four individuals who were elected to represent the taxpayers of Killeen, continue to vote and show their devotion to the builders and developers.

The city just implemented a road fee (TAX) to make necessary repairs to aging roads. We taxpayers of the City of Killeen will see this fee (TAX) increase in the future. As long as these individuals are representing the taxpayers of Killeen, there will be less money available to make the future repairs for aging streets. I need to thank Council members Gregory Johnson, Steve Harris and Shirley Fleming, for taking a stand against this “Good ol’ Boy” mentality that has governed this city for way too long.

Phillip Moore



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