To the Editor:

Consumers, how many of you claim to stand by and for the flag?

Imagine a bank bundle of C notes — $10,000.

Place 10 bundles in a shoe box; that’s 100G. Place 5,000 shoe boxes in a shipping container. Put 200 containers on a cargo ship, filled with cash.

Would you stand on the dock and wave the flag as it leaves this shore? You spent over $30 billion last Saturday alone. We might need more ships.

Now look at what you bought and where it was made. You helped load the ships.

Part of the problem is we do not make the things we think we have to have. Many here do not want to work that hard — or expect more pay than they are worth.

Some jobs we just will not do. And we wall out families fleeing crisis to come here and pull guts out of chickens so their kids have a chance.

That is another story.

We have everything but the will to change our own economy. When you shop, ask where it is made. That is where the jobs and money go.

While China has ultra-modern cities, roads and industry built with our money, many places here are in need. At a small town in Oklahoma, the school had to install a washateria and showers because so many of the kids do not have hot or running water at home.

This a self-inflicted slow demise. Read the Cliff Notes version of “Fall of the Roman Empire.”

This is us, U.S. Decide for yourself what chapter we are in.

How many square miles of forest did it take to make the one-time-use cardboard boxes that brought all that stuff to you?

There is no such thing as free shipping. The price for this way of life may soon be more than we can pay.

Wayne Duncan



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