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Killeen City Hall is seen on North College Street in Killeen, Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

The city of Killeen is seeking a replacement for Assistant City Manager Dennis Baldwin, who will retire from the city in January.

On Friday, municipal head-hunting firm Strategic Government Resources posted an opening for an assistant city manager position with the city, which will be used to replace Baldwin.

According to the listing, the starting salary is negotiable in the $140,000 range depending on qualifications and experience, and the position includes a $3,000 car allowance.

While this position will be used as a replacement, the city is still considering hiring a second assistant head after a first candidate is found.

Although the city has operated with one city manager, Ron Olson, and one direct subordinate, Assistant City Manager Dennis Baldwin, the Killeen City Council gave the OK for the city to pursue filling the position during its 2019 budget talks.

During those budget talks in August, Olson said the city was functioning with only one assistant manager but asked the council to authorize a new position to more efficiently delegate oversight of city operations.

It is unclear if internal candidates are being considered for the posted position.

Director of Communications Hilary Shine could not be reached for comment Monday.

The city eliminated the deputy city manager position after Farris, a former assistant city manager of internal services and interim city manager, retired in January.

Baldwin, a former Killeen police chief, has served in the assistant role since Olson’s hiring in February 2017. Prior to that, Baldwin served four months in the interim city manager role after the council voted to relieve Farris from her interim post.

Farris became interim city manager in April 2016 after the retirement of City Manager Glenn Morrison.

During Morrison’s tenure, the city kept two assistant city managers on staff with duties split between oversight of internal and external services.

In that model, the internal assistant city manager oversaw the operations of the finance, human resources, information technology and support services departments. The external assistant manager oversaw the capital funds, including public works, aviation and solid waste.

The city’s last assistant city manager of external services, John Sutton, a former Killeen director of aviation, retired from the position in January 2016, with Morrison taking on his duties at the time.

While a second assistant manager position is currently authorized in the 2019 budget, the council will be required to pass a budget amendment to fund the position if a candidate is identified.

The firm tasked with finding candidates for the role, Keller-based Strategic Government Resources, also aided the city in its last search for a city manager. During that process, the firm submitted five finalists for council approval, including Olson, who came into the city with 37 years of city management experience.

Olson worked as city manager for Corpus Christi prior to his hiring.

The first review of applications will be Nov. 5, according to the firm.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the assistant city manager position is being hired to replace outgoing assistant head Dennis Baldwin. | 254-501-7567

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