Update, 11:40: While this election marks the first time Bell County voters can vote at any polling location in the county, one southeast Killeen voter was surprised and disappointed his normal voting location is no longer a viable location to vote.

James Norton, a retired Air Force officer, said he has voted the last 15 years at Cedar Valley Elementary School in southeast Killeen. However, when he arrived at the school to vote today, he found it was one of seven Bell County polling locations cut when the county consolidated to countywide voting centers this year, cutting the number of polling locations from 48 to 41.

He said when he called the elections office, they told him the nearest other location was at First Baptist Church of Trimmier, 6405 Chaprral Road — about 5 miles from Norton's home.

He said he drove there, but wasn't happy about the remote location.

"I went past herds of cattle" to get there, Norton said, adding the change will likely cause other residents in Precinct 2 (southeast Killeen) to not vote today.

Update, 11 a.m.: Mixed results from the polls: Little to no lines to vote today are being reported at some polling locations, however, other locations are seeing lines.

At Grace Christian Center, 1401 E. Elms Road in Killeen, things were flowing smooth with little to no line as election workers guided voters through the process.

At Haker Heights Parks & Recreation Center, 307 Millers Crossing, Harker Heights, voters waited in line to vote around 11 a.m. A worksheet posted near the entrance to the room where the voting was taking place indicated 341 people had voted at that location as of 11 a.m.

There are reports of delays at some Bell County polling locations this morning as voters choose their candidates in the primary election.

There were some delays "at a few" voting locations due to some election workers not reading the full instructions they were supplied with, said Bell County Elections Administrator Melinda Luedecke.

Bell County is using a new election system this year, and the workers are "getting used to a new system," Luedecke said.

The state approved Bell County to have countywide voting centers this year, meaning Bell County registered voters can vote at any polling location in the county. It was previously allowed during the early-voting period, however, today is the first Election Day with the new system.

Luedecke did not name any specific locations that are having delays, but said election workers are working through any problems. She said she's encouraging everyone to be patient as they head to the polls today.

She said lack of ballots are any location will not be an issue.

Polls are open until 7 p.m.

For information about the candidates and videos of their statements, go to kdhnews.com/centerforpolitics.

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Another Deplorable

This people is called Voter suppression!! They do this in hopes of low voter turnout. Don't let this stop you. When we all vote we can change the world. If we have to take a stand against this corrupt administration. Vote.Vote.Vote.

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