Ice covers a mail box in central Killeen on Feb. 12.

Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove residents are coming up on a full week since the last time they received mail.

The last full day of delivery in some areas was Saturday, according to post office spokeswoman Becky Hernandez.

Following the holiday weekend, many postal services across Texas were suspended in response to icy weather and power outages.

Many post offices have reported returning to full service Thursday, but no offices in Killeen, Copperas Cove or Harker Heights are among them, Hernandez said Friday.

According to the latest list released by the U.S. Postal Service, the cities within the 765 zip-code prefix which have returned to service are as follows: Bartlett, Cameron, Hamilton, HIllsboro, Kempner, Kosse, Lampasas, Moody, Mound, Nolanville, Oglesby, Pendleton, Purmela, Rockdale, Rogers, Thorndale, Thrall and Troy.

“With the holiday on Monday, some of the offices have been closed since Tuesday,” Hernandez said. “Any power outages or effects from hazardous weather could delay them reopening.”

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I was born in Michigan and it hits 20 below every year ice storms snow storms and we never failed to get mail even with black outs. Buts its been over a week here in Texas I just guess yanks are better


So much for the old adage

Neither sleet nor snow will stop the US mail. The mail must get thru... and they wonder why fewer people use them. I’m not advocating anyone dying in this weather but a week? Where is the pony express when we need them.


People really are entitled... You realize there is a whole processing system to the mail, right? It’s not just the carriers that deliver the mail. It comes from somewhere else. If there is a holdup there, the carriers cannot deliver the mail. Say there’s a power outage at the distribution center, letters will not get distributed. In this day and age, there are not enough employees working the distribution centers to sort through those letter to get them to the different station in ample time. You would get your mail in a month, maybe. Given there wasn’t a power outage/water pipe burst in any of the centers or stations, the delivery trucks may survive in this weather Texas has been having, but do you think Texan mail deliverers can? This weather is absolutely rare. I am a mail carrier hailing from Virginia on active duty army orders to Texas. However, I know how to function in winter storms. Mail carriers would be more at risk trying to deliver the mail under these horrid conditions than safely under better ones. Albeit, the buildup will have all hands at each station working overtime and tirelessly through the morning and nights for some time to catch up. It would be safer that way.

Just think on that and not so selfishly, please.

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