Area residents have begun receiving post cards in the mail claiming to be from volunteers with the NAACP, but the organization has said the postcards have not come from anyone affiliated with them.

Recently, area residents have begun receiving postcards in the mail claiming to be from volunteers with the NAACP, informing residents on how to go about voting by mail in the upcoming election. However, TaNeika Driver-Moultrie, president of the Killeen branch of the NAACP, has said the postcards are not coming from the organization.

“The Killeen Branch NAACP was contacted by numerous residents in Killeen about a postcard that they had received from the Texas NAACP,” Driver-Moultrie said. “These postcards are not being sent on behalf of the Texas State Conference NAACP nor the Killeen Branch.”

Despite the postcards not being officially affiliated with the NAACP, the information included on them appears to be factual, other than the NAACP affiliation. The postcard says that voters ages 65 and older are eligible to vote by mail in Texas, which is one of the actual reasons accepted for requesting a ballot by mail.

The card also says information about voting by mail can be obtained by contacting the Bell County Elections Office at 254-933-5774, which is the correct phone number.

Driver-Moultrie said the NAACP is concerned that the postcards, taken alongside other messaging being put out about voting, and could confuse residents trying to vote.

“Our biggest concern with these fraudulent postcards is that we don’t want anyone to be accused of voter fraud by having a mail-in ballot and going to a polling location to vote,” Driver-Moultrie said in a release. “It’s either one or the other; we just don’t want those 65 and older confused. That’s why we, the NAACP, know that MESSAGING is important and needs to be clear, to include the Association’s logo; these postcards are not and the logo is visibly omitted.”

The NAACP has asked that anyone who has received one of the postcards to contact the organization at 254-338-1562. The Killeen Branch is trying to gather as many cards as they can for evidence.

“Whomever is sending these fraudulent postcards need to be exposed and will be exposed,” Driver-Moultrie said. “We take matters such as this very seriously.”


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