To the Editor:

Who really pays development costs? In the articles about impact fees, the Killeen Daily Herald continually states that taxpayers pay for new roads, water pipes, and wastewater pipes serving new private developments. (Page 1, Dec. 22, KDH: “The end result means taxpayers in the city will continue to pay for new roads, water pipes and wastewater pipes serving new private developments.”)

But ask any developer how much the city paid of their cost to install curbs, gutters, paved streets, water lines and sewer lines in their development?

For example, the newly installed sewer lines, water lines and drainage along Rosewood Drive cost the owners nearly a million dollars to install and taxpayers didn’t pay a nickel of it.

The only time that I am aware of the city (taxpayers) paying for infrastructure is when the city wants a water line, sewer line, or other infrastructure increased in size from what is needed at the time, to accommodate future growth.

The developer pays for the curbs, gutters, streets, water lines, sewer lines, not the city or taxpayers.

I am not sure that the councilmembers who voted for impact fees understand that the city is not paying for the infrastructure in new subdivisions unless they require oversized lines.

The city of Killeen needs continued growth to maintain our troop strength and prepare for future increases in troop strength.

Jim Wright, CCIM



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