Power outage

Adrian Lopez of Copperas Cove prepares dinner for he and his father, Abram. Lopez's father was due to return to his home in Corpus Christi on Feb. 12, but has stayed with his son in Copperas Cove since.

Area electricity provider Oncor said Thursday it restored power to thousands of customers in the Killeen area since Wednesday, but thousands more remain without power.

Across Oncor’s service area, the number of outages total just over 150,000, which is lower than the nearly 700,000 still without power on Wednesday.

Locally, Oncor reported a total of 4,822 customers out in Killeen Thursday morning, a reduction of 11,133 from Wednesday.

However, some Killeen residents on Thursday said Oncor was telling them they had power back, but obviously their electricity was still shut off.

Ginger Morgan, 78, said her husband was able to reach Oncor by cellphone Thursday morning who told him “power to this area was restored, and our work order had been canceled.”

Morgan said the couple’s house in southeast Killeen has been without power since Monday afternoon. They have been staying warm by the fireplace in the home after a relative was able to drop off some firewood for them.

The Herald also received an email from Brad Hyatt with a similar story.

The power in Yowell Ranch — a subdivision in south Killeen — has been out since Sunday, he said.

“Earlier today the oncor website reported that the outage was restored when in fact it was not. Now their website isn’t allowing for reporting outages. The situation is yowell ranch has become a matter of life and death. No one is listening,” Hyatt said by email Thursday.

In Harker Heights, there were a total of 342 customers out of power on Thursday morning, a reduction of 964.

Oncor restored power to 12 customers in Nolanville, bringing Thursday’s total to nine.

As of Thursday morning, in the Copperas Cove area, there are 3,180 customers without power, including Topsey and Izoro.

That area saw a reduction of 982.

Earlier this week, Killeen had about 20,000 customers without power, while Copperas Cove had close to 9,000 without electricity.

In Kempner, 278 customers had power restored since Wednesday. Oncor reported 546 customers without power in the Kempner area on Thursday morning.

“Yesterday, ERCOT directed Oncor and other utilities to begin restoring power previously dropped from the electric grid,” Oncor said in a news release. “As a result of the increased generation and stable demand, Oncor has since been able to cease controlled, or rotating, outages.”

Oncor said in the release that the remaining customers out of power are out as a result of storm damage.

“This is a result of damage from (Wednesday’s) winter storm, previous winter weather and storm damage that could not be identified until equipment was re-energized, and damage to electric equipment caused by record-breaking low temperatures,” the release said.

The city of Lampasas said in a Thursday morning release that it received notification from ERCOT that the electric grid was in balance but that there was a “very slim margin of excess generation.”

“The Electric event is not over, and outages are likely to be experienced during the day but at a reduced frequency and duration. Please continue to conserve power,” the city said in the release.

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They lie. I know people whose power was still off today.


Oncor cancelled our power outage work order and told us that our power was restored. It was not at all. After the usual checking if breakers and our meter and if course our neighbors meter I called txu and reported what oncor had done to us.

I'm thinking it might be a way of cheating on the numbers so that it appears like there are less outages.


Ercot and Oncor have definitely forgotten about those of us on Erby Ave in Cove. Over 78 hours with no power, and of course all these apartments are all electric. Some have family or friends to go to. Some like myself don't. However, most of us in my area are Vets and Country Boys, so we're surviving. I'm the oldest Vet at 70. We've been able to provide a bit of warm food, great fellowship, and a little heat for anyone venturing into our "camp." It is however a bit taxing now. I've turned everything off and asked others to do the same, so there isn't a big draw IF and when power is restored. In all my years in Texas, I've never experienced anything like this. I spent over 40 years in public safety.

I hope everyone is and continues to be safe.

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