Coronavirus pandemic

The Bell County Public Health District identified 11 new COVID-19 related deaths on Tuesday.

These fatalities, which brought the COVID-19 death toll in Bell County to 320, were for a woman in her 90s from Belton, a man in his 40s from Temple, a woman in her 60s from Temple, two women in their 90s from Temple, two men in their 80s from Temple, three men in their 90s from Temple and a woman in her 30s from Bell County.

Bell County has now registered 96 deaths since Feb. 1, according to health district data.

“While we are experiencing unprecedented weather, we will update the dashboard with available data as often as we can,” Health District Director Amanda Robison-Chadwell said. “Should an update not be performed, it may be due to lack of power or access to data.”

Despite these plans to regularly update its COVID-19 dashboard , Robison-Chadwell noted how Bell County’s latest COVID-19 figures could be underrepresented — a trend she expects to continue through the remainder of this week.

“There has been a reduction in the number of providers currently able to report data and we expect that trend to continue through this week,” she said. “We will not update the incidence rate or active case number information until regular reporting resumes. Between now and then we will update total cases and recoveries as well as death data received.”

Bell County has now totaled 20,042 cumulative cases, and at least 19,259 people have reportedly recovered to date, according to the health district. Testing data did not update on Tuesday, as the health district did not receive new testing numbers from area providers.

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