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The coronavirus vaccine is now available to all people 16 and older, regardless of medical history and occupation.

Below is a list of known vaccination sites in Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Gatesville and Lampasas.

Some of the vaccine providers can be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services website, and others have been designated providers by the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

Vaccine availability is dependent on supply.


AdventHealth-Central Texas, 2405 S. Clear Creek Road, Suite 101. Go to adventhealthctx.com/vaccine or call 877-VIRUS-HQ (877-847-8747).

CVS is also offering vaccines at some local stores. To schedule a vaccine, go to http://bit.ly/CVSCovid.

H-E-B Pharmacy, 1101 W. Stan Schlueter Loop. Go to https://vaccine.heb.com/.

H-E-B Pharmacy, 2511 Trimmier Road. Go to https://vaccine.heb.com/.

Walgreens is offering the vaccine at some local stores. Schedule by going to http://bit.ly/Walgreensvaccine.

Walmart Pharmacy, 1400 Lowes Blvd. Go to Walmart.com/covidvaccine.

Harker Heights

Seton Medical Center, 850 W. Central Texas Expressway. Go to www.setonharkerheights.net/coronavirus. You will receive a call to schedule an appointment three to five business days after a request was made.

H-E-B Pharmacy, 601 Indian Trail. Go to https://vaccine.heb.com/.

Walmart Pharmacy, 2020 Heights Drive. Go to Walmart.com/covidvaccine.

Sam’s Club, 600 W. Central Texas Expressway. Go to SamsClub.com/covid.


Central Bell Fire & Rescue. Vaccinations are for Wednesday only and by appointment only. Call 254-368-9689 or email cityhall@nolanvilletx.gov.

Copperas Cove

H-E-B Pharmacy, 2990 E. Business Highway 190. Go to https://vaccine.heb.com/.

Walmart Pharmacy, 2720 E. U.S. Highway 190. Go to Walmart.com/covidvaccine.


H-E-B Pharmacy, 1207 E. Main St. Go to https://vaccine.heb.com/.

Coryell Memorial Hospital, 1507 W. Main St. Go to https://app.blockitnow.com/consumer/coryell-health.

Walmart Pharmacy, 2805 S. State Highway 36. Go to Walmart.com/covidvaccine.


AdventHealth-Rollins Brook, 608 N. Key Ave. Call 512-556-3682.

Walmart, 1710 E. Central Texas Expressway. Go to Walmart.com/covidvaccine.

Fort Hood

Abrams Physical Fitness Center, Support Avenue and 62nd Street. Call 254-288-8888 for an appointment.


Bell County Expo Center, 301 W. Loop 121. Appointments are for first doses Wednesday only. Go to www.BellCountyTX.com/Vax.


Temple VA, 1901 Veterans Memorial Drive. To find out the full list of who qualifies for vaccinations from the VA, go to http://bit.ly/VAvax. Those who qualify can go to www.va.gov/covid-19-vaccine to register and indicate their interest in receiving a vaccine from VA.

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The same people who for decades have been saying the world is over populated and must be reduced are trying to implement "vaccine passports" so that people will be forced to show proof of vaccination in order to buy goods and services.

Think, people. Think!

Forcing you to pump your body full of toxic chemicals to avoid a "virus" with a 99.7 percent natural cure rate and if you refuse, you don't eat?

What is IN these "vaccines" that they want in YOU so bad?


Just in case you didn't know:

After the injection you still:

1-can get the virus

2-can spread the virus

3-have to wear a mask

4-have to social distance

So the benefit is?

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