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Three new cases of the coronavirus were reported Saturday --- all in Killeen --- as Bell County's total rises to 28. The three new Killeen cases bring the total to nine in Killeen, four men and five women. One case is in Harker Heights.

The health district released information Saturday showing that two of the latest cases were women -- one in her 30s and the other in her 60s. The third case was a man in his 30s.

Bell County now has 25 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, COVID-19, according to Bell County Public Health District. Six cases are in Killeen, three men and three women. One case is in Harker Heights, a woman.

The death count of the virus is still one, an 80-year-old Temple woman.

The health district released the new numbers Friday.

Of the Killeen residents who tested positive, two of the men are in their 40s; the other man is in his 60s; one of the women is in her 20s; one woman is in her 40s; and the other woman is in her 50s, according to the district. The Heights woman is in her 40s.

On Thursday, Bell County Judge David Blackburn announced that there were 20 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. He also had announced that one person had died of the disease.

Blackburn also extended the county's stay-at-home order until 11:59 a.m. on April 6.

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Actually Walmart and H-E-B among others have a set time in the morning 6am-7:00 or 7:30am already for seniors, pregnant women and immune compromised people


Unfortunately, the virus is going to continue to spread. Our only hope is to slow it down (shelter in place/ distance our selves from others) until the medical field finds a vaccine for the virus. The. groups of society who will be the most affected and could pay the highest price (THEIR LIFE) are the elderly/senior citizens and those individuals who have underlying health issues.

I like the way Dollar General stores and others have set aside an hour or two for their senior citizen customers to come into their stores to purchase necessary items. Some seniors do not have a credit card or trust using a credit card online because of the fraudulent scams against the senior population. I wished HEB would have a time set aside (6:00-8:00 am) for their senior customers! Some seniors do not have credit cards or use credit cards online because of the fear of being scammed!


This would be nice if the people in Killeen would take this seriously, they move around and go about their business like it's not happening. Sonic is still open and other fast food restaurants this is crazy we need to take this seriously or it's gonna keep spreading and get worse.


Would be nice if people actually took this seriously. The shelter in place is a joke. Well at least in harker heights. They are going on like any other day. All fast food places are busy from what I can tell, same with walmart and heb.

We will have tons of cases here before too much longer


Please don't fail to mention that churches and gun stores were taken off of the prohibition list. Gun stores were determined to be essential businesses by our Texas AG. Churches are also allowed to open while being instructed to practice social distancing.

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