Coronavirus pandemic

Bell County surpassed 15,000 COVID-19 recoveries on Friday, as active cases fell to 2,317 — 43 fewer than Thursday.

Deaths remained at 200 with the latest fatalities recorded on Thursday: a man in his 50s from Bell County and woman in her 80s from Killeen.

“Our new total for COVID-19 cases is 17,393,” Amanda Robison-Chadwell, the Bell County Public Health District’s director, said. “We have … an incidence rate that has dropped again today down to 638.4 per 100,000. Please stay safe and help us prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Area school districts

Killeen ISD reached 1,239 cumulative cases on Friday with 83 having been identified in the last seven days, according to district data.

Salado Independent School District saw its active case count jump to 19 — seven employees and 12 students — after five infections were announced on Friday.

“A first-grade student, a second-grade student, and a fourth-grade student at Thomas Arnold Elementary School … tested positive for COVID-19 (on Thursday),” Salado ISD Superintendent Michael Novotny said in his daily newsletter. “A ninth-grade student at Salado High School, and an employee not assigned to a campus tested positive for COVID-19 (on Thursday).”

Novotny said that Salado ISD has registered 15 cases in the past week.

Temple ISD’s seven-day report, which is currently logging COVID-19 cases reported between Jan. 15 and Jan. 21, shows 11 infections: six at Temple High, one at Bonham Middle School, one at Raye-Allen Elementary, two attributed to “administration,” and one attributed to “transportation.”

There are 55 active cases spanning 16 campuses in Belton ISD: nine at Lake Belton High, nine at Lakewood Elementary, seven at Belton High, five at North Belton Middle School, four at Belton Middle School, four at South Belton Middle School, three at Belton New Tech High, three at Miller Heights Elementary, two at Charter Oak Elementary, two at Southwest Elementary, two at Sparta Elementary, one at Chisholm Trail Elementary, one at High Point Elementary, one at Leon Heights Elementary, one at Lake Belton Middle School and one at the Belton Early Childhood School.

The district’s COVID-19 dashboard also attributes an additional five cases to “other departments / buildings.” These 60 active cases represent 0.41 percent of Belton ISD’s population, according to district data.

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