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The Bell County Public Health District said Tuesday seven additional residents tested positive for COVID-19.

Local health officials are tracking a total of 165 cases. The Texas Department of State Health Services reported mid-Tuesday that Bell County had 173 infections. The state number includes Fort Hood soldiers who live on base — individuals who the health district does not track.

Three Bell County residents have died from the coronavirus.

The number of recoveries in the county stayed at 73.

Bell County saw an additional 559 tests performed, bringing that number to 4,661.

Coryell County is still reporting a total of 105 cases in the county as of Tuesday.

The majority of the cases in Coryell County come from Texas Department of Criminal Justice Inmates, which still has a total of 63 coronavirus cases, according to the county. There are still 32 active cases among county residents, eight recoveries, and two deaths related to the virus.

Lampasas County is still reporting three confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of Tuesday.

Lampasas County officials announced Tuesday that the state will set up a temporary testing site later this week.

The Texas DSHS will test Lampasas County residents 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Kempner Fire Station, 315 Pecan in Kempner. The state advised residents to visit or call 512-883-2400 to register for a testing appointment.


Bell County’s newest cases include a man and woman in their 20s, a woman in her 40s and a woman in her 50s from Killeen; a Belton man in his 30s; and two rural Bell County residents.

Rural Bell County cases include people who live in unincorporated areas and small cities. The health district dashboard does not include detailed data on rural cases.

Killeen has 73 infections — slightly more than 44 percent of coronavirus cases here.

Harker Heights stayed at 14.

Temple stayed at 43 known cases Tuesday while Belton gained a single case for a total of 19.

Rural Bell County has 16 cases.

More Bell County women have tested positive for COVID-19 than men, 51 percent to 49 percent.

People in their 50s remain the largest age group affected by the coronavirus, with 37 cases.

People in their 40s are the next largest group, with 34 cases.

Other age groups that have tested positive include 29 in their 30s; 22 in their 20s; 21 in their 60s; 12 in their 70s; seven who are younger than 20; and three in their 80s.

Since the first reported Bell County case in mid-March, 33 residents have been hospitalized and 24 have been admitted to an intensive care unit.


The Texas Department of State Health Services reported Tuesday 26,171 Texans have tested positive for the coronavirus and 690 people have died.

Williamson County officials said Wednesday their COVID-19 tally stayed at 287.

McLennan County also did not see any increases Wednesday. Their total remained at 87.

Milam County added one new case Tuesday for a total of 14, according to state data. The Texas DSHS reported Falls County’s tally remained at three and Burnet County’s county was unchanged at 15.

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@Hacksaw: you must remember that we are no longer living in a Republic, but a Feudal System of Governance and in that I am saying just like the reporting of the Covid 19 Virus, we have many different entities all reporting on the same thing and looking to control on the same thing.

You take this item in this newspaper, it states that 'Bell County Public Health said on Tuesday that 7 additional residents tested positive for Covid 19, but local health officials are tracking a total of 165 cases, whereas the Texas Department of State Health Services reported mid-Tuesday that Bell County had 173 infections including Fort Hood soldiers who live on base. And I have heard the number was 184 a couple of days ago. So, would the real number please stand up so we can account do an accurate accounting.

As I said, It is my personal opinion that 'We are living back in the Feudal form of governance where everybody want to control so that you do not have a good form of governance, IE: the shop owner, the city, the County, the State, and the Federal Government all want to take the lead so that all we have is a mess.

It is stated that 'part of KISD is going to open in May whereas before the KISD was saying, I think I remember, it was saying that next school year'. The paper is reporting 'Local clinics reopen with new safety measures whereas Dental offices may reopen on May 1 under additional safety protocol, and the VA is reporting 'No Dice to all'.

It used to be that there was only one department that was used to 'control was was and what was not to be held as supervisory control over a matter of such significance, but apparently not any more. The more hands we have in the pie, the more mix ups can occur.

So the number of different groups that want to control a subject of this magnitude, the more confusing it becomes and the more individuals want to 'take it into their hands to make a decision on their own'.

So it seems to me that we not only have a mayhem on our hands, we have a breakdown of law and order as more and more people do not 'trust the ones that should be in control as law enforcement, and that goes to the city police, the country police, the state police as in troopers, and the list goes on.

We have the Federal Government wanting to try to organize what the entire country is going to do, but we have Governors wanting to take control of their individual States, but in that there is a difference in what form of governance they want such as giving money to immigrants, both legal and illegal, monetary assistance when it is actually illegal. So therefor you have what I call is a form of Feudal governance, everybody is in there duplicating and even triplicating something that should be done by an individual party.

As far as the loading of the individual Hospitals and Clinics in this general area, I don't recall ever hearing what they were. It was all on the East coast, New York, that had the news coverage, and nothing in this area. And as Killeen is a bedroom community where people live here locally but travel to work, and whereas we have Fort Hood here locally that gets the most travel related activity that would result in a rise in increased infection and disease, it would be apparent that Bell County, would be more susceptible to increased morbidity rates than a County that does not have such an incidence.

So you are correct that if they want to provide separation of incidents, then that should be in living on the outside where constituents are together and those that are confined as a penal confinement should not be grouped with 'the open locations of general use.


I don't understand the reasoning of opening up restaurants and other facilities when the number of virus cases is still rising. If it's okay to open back up with the number of infected people rising, why did they ever close to begin with?

On another note: while I agree with separating the count in Coryell county between citizens and inmates of the prison system I think Bell county is being ludicrous in separating local citizens from the soldiers on Fort Hood. Those soldiers still interact with the local community. Many of them live in local neighborhoods and shop in local stores. They should be counted as one. Nothing more than a feeble attempt to make county numbers look better to someone!

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