Killeen reopened its COVID-19 testing center Thursday

Cars line up to receive their results from the rapid 15-minute PCR test administered at Killeen's COVID-19 testing site Thursday.

The City of Killeen will hold another round of coronavirus testing and vaccinations at a drive-thru testing site beginning Thursday morning.

The announcement comes after the city wrapped up its second week of the site on Aug. 28 after it ran from Aug.19-21 and Aug. 26-28 at the Killeen Special Events Center, 3301 South W.S. Young Drive.

This time, the drive-thru will run Thursday through Saturday this week and next week from Sept. 9-10. Hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Killeen Special Events Center, according to a news release from the city sent Wednesday.

Much like the first round, no appointment is needed. The Pfizer vaccine will be administered and booster shots will be available to only those who are immunocompromised with a doctor’s note. 15-minute Rapid Tests are available to all ages with parental supervision and permission. Results will be texted to participants, the release said.

Killeen Emergency Management Services partnered with the Texas Division of Emergency Services and the Texas Military Department in August, prompting a total of 2,757 COVID-19 tests and 505 vaccinations at the dual site. Overall, 384 people tested positive.

According to the Bell County Health District, the Delta variant of the coronavirus now accounts for more than 95 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the country, and evidence suggests it is twice as contagious as the original COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 and Delta variant cases among children are on the rise and the county has multiple children in local hospitals suffering from complications of this virus.

Killeen residents are also being urged to text their zip codes to GETVAX (438829) for a list of nearby locations to receive a COVID-19 vaccine shot. Each person is also sent information about free childcare and getting a ride to a vaccination location. Residents may also call the connected hotline at 1-800-232-0233 for the same

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How sincere are Democrats about "saving lives" with the vaccine?

1) They don't want to know how many have died from taking the vaccine. The media NEVER asks.

2) They ignore all studies that prove masks are useless.

3) They blame the unvaccinated for the spread of Covid despite the facts showing this is not true.

4) They never ask why Israel, the most vaccinated country on earth is the #1 Covid hotspot.

5) They don't allow you to question the vaccine on social media.

6) They abort 40 million healthy babies worldwide every year.

7) Their burning desire to vaccinate young children who do NOT die from this disease.

This has NOTHING to do with saving lives. Democrats want you to die in a fire. This is ABOUT CONTROLLING YOU.



Agree with “none”

I’m okay with not testing.

Still amazing how the flu has been wiped out I guess because no one has died of it since COVID-19.

You can’t have just regular pneumonia everyone now has Covid pneumonia.

Also with all the talk about delta variant just ask your doctor if they test for it. Ask these people who are doing the drive thru test. The answer is NO

So how can they claim delta this and delta that.they don’t know. Period and neither do you.

But just as everyone got mask weary and refused to wear one then bingo here is the bad delta.

Covid can be very dangerous especially with underlying issues. And if you are convinced that wearing a mask prevents transmission and that these shots will help then do it. If not then as

Americans you decide. Dr Fauci is a fraud and changes his mind and direction with the wind.


Many people talk and protest against illegal searches, and unconstitutional no knock warrants. That. Protest and demand free covid testing done by the city, state, and federal government.

This means the government is not only testing you for covid-19, they know have access to your DNA with out a search warrant and with out notice they can now test your DNA for any reason.

I also hear the same people screaming that the police and other agencies set people up or target certain races systemically. This means that you have freely given the same people you accused of doing this, access to DNA that could be used to set you up.

The same political party that has pushed all these false narratives now believe that because this free covid testing is offer you are going to run out and do it because it is free.

This same political party has beat this dead horse so long that they have actually beaten holes into thier own lies and people can see it wasn't a dead horse after all, it was just pinatas staked to look like horse.

The more of these covid-19 stories put out, the more people are walking away. The more people are walking away from the democrat party and are actually seeing them for what they are.

Notice how the boarder stories have lessen since people started seeing the board mess and democrats started calling out thier own party members.

Guess what democrats are starting to see the covid-19 for the B's it is.

Once the democrats get your DNA, they are not going to defund the cops, they are going to give up your DNA in hopes to look like heros.

The same reason they handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban with all that American hard wear. They want the Taliban to use it, that way can go in and negotiate and claim they saved the day. When actually they cut a deal to do this already with the Taliban.

Democrats need to stop using social media to plan thier political party campaigns.

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