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Bell County has now reported more than 5,000 coronavius cases since the pandemic hit the area in March.

The county added five new cases Saturday and six on Monday, bringing the new total to 5,008, along with 73 deaths and 4,660 recoveries.

Of the confirmed cases in Bell County, 275 of them are active — a 50-case decrease since Friday.

Temple has recorded the most deaths in the county with 30, followed by Killeen with 20.

Killeen has seen the most number of cases, 1,737, followed by Temple with 1,660.

Bell County, whose threat level is at “level three,” will have a regional threat assessment update come Wednesday. However, the county needs to see a few improvements before the health district’s desired “level four” threat level can be reached.

The county needs to maintain a 14-day flat or decreasing trend in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations to improve to earn the health district’s desired “level four” threat level. Widespread distribution of a vaccine or treatments also is necessary for a shift in the threat level, according to the Bell County Public Health District.

Coryell County has reported 600 cases of virus since March, with 208 cases still active, 383 recoveries and nine deaths, as of Friday.

In Lampasas County, there have 289 cases, 22 of which are active, in the county’s last report.

There have been 258 recoveries and nine deaths.

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