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Copperas Cove Independent School District has 133 more coronavirus cases within the district since a week ago, according to the updated numbers on its dashboard Friday afternoon. That represents a more than 100% increase.

As of Friday’s update, there are 255 total active, positive cases in the district — 207 students and 48 staff. Last week, the number was 122 total cases.

With around 8,300 students, the district has an infection rate of around 2.5% for its student population.

According to the Sept. 10 update, there are positive coronavirus cases on all of the district’s 11 campuses and some administrative/support buildings.

Counting students and staff, the campuses with the fewest cases are Crossroads High School and Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy, which both have one student case and one faculty case each, according to the report.

Copperas Cove High School accounts for the most total cases — 78 — with 72 students and six staff members reportedly testing positive.

Cumulatively, the two high schools and the two junior highs account for around 56.1% of all cases in the district.

At the elementary level, Williams/Ledger Elementary has 33 total cases and House Creek Elementary has 22 total cases.

Copperas Cove ISD is updating the dashboard every Friday.

To view the dashboard, go to https://www.ccisd.com/322681_2.

Killeen ISD

Since the Labor Day weekend and an initial surge of cases, the district reported another decrease Saturday.

In Saturday’s update, the district reported 15 fewer cases — 371 — than it did on Friday, when there were 386 cases.

The total cases represent 296 students and 75 staff members.

Two schools are nearing the district’s 5% COVID-19 threshold, which would trigger an investigation into the possibility of closing a particular class or campus temporarily due to the virus, according to KISD policy.

Saegert Elementary is 0.55% away from the district’s predetermined 5% COVID-19 threshold. The campus’ positive case count increased by one case Saturday — from 44 to 45 — bringing the campus infection rate to 4.45%.

Gateway Middle School reported a 4.08% infection rate Friday, with two active reported COVID-19 cases.

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