FH Exercise

Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt, III Corps and Fort Hood deputy commanding general, discusses the importance of the installation tabletop exercise in the Garrison Emergency Operations Center, March 25. During the exercise, post leaders worked through its COVID-19 responses, testing plans, policies and procedures.

Fort Hood officials conducted a tabletop exercise Wednesday to further test the plans, policies and procedures at the post in battling the coronavirus, according to a Fort Hood news release.

Post officials decided to conduct the exercise even as more measures are being taken to limit exposure of the installation’s populace, and one Fort Hood soldier has already tested positive for the virus.

“Nobody wants to go to football practice during halftime,” Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt, III Corps and Fort Hood deputy commanding general, said. “But in this case, there is no halftime. It’s game on.”

Fort Hood announced this week that on-post gyms and other facilities will be closed.

Physical training will continue to be conducted, however, but only at the squad level with 10 or less soldiers participating, and only outdoors, according to the release.

Fort Hood also made some other changes as a result of the coronavirus:

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center has opened its drive-through clinic for respiratory patients.

Four Fort Hood gates will operate for limited hours, from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. The gates affected are: State Highway 195 Gate (adjacent to the Frank Mayborn Gate) on Fort Hood Street; Warrior Way Gate; Old Copperas Cove Gate; and 79th Street Gate. The other gates are open during all hours.

The Phantom Warrior Lanes bowling alley has closed.

Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area has closed, except for patrons currently utilizing the travel camp. The West Fort Hood Travel Camp is also closed except for current residents.

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