Mandated Masks

A sign taped to a door indicates “No Mask, No Service!” at the Killeen post office, 3100 S. WS Young Drive.

Opinions are split on the idea of mandated masks in the city of Killeen and Bell County.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra said on Monday that he is in favor of mandating that people wear masks in public, and he will order it mandatory for Killeen on Wednesday if Bell County does not issue a similar order first.

“Whatever preventative measures we can take to help prevent the spread (of the coronavirus) I think is a good thing,” Segarra said.

Killeen resident Alia Ouali, 36, has been here for almost two years. She is in favor of requiring masks.

“I definitely support that position if he (Segarra) is going to mandate. Preventive measures like wearing the mask will do us good. Businesses can reopen. If they want to mandate wearing a mask in crowded public places they need to do it now,” Ouali said. “If we do our part, if the masks are mandated, we could stop this disease from spreading.”

Local businessman Eric Dominowski, said he feels the opposite about mandating masks.

“I think it should be left up to the individual and not mandated one way or the other,” said Dominowski, owner of Simply Sold Marketing, an aerial photography company in Killeen, and a local Realtor. “I don’t have a problem with someone wanting to wear a mask or stay home but at the same time they should respect those that don’t want to wear a mask. We’re not telling people to take off a mask before they come into our business.”

Ray Johnson, 80, a retired Harker Heights pediatrician, said he hasn’t left his house much since the pandemic hit the area in March. But when he does go out, he puts on a mask.

“Masks are part of the protection,” he said, adding “good hand washing” is also very important.

When an infected person is masked, they are breathing back in any contagions, said the retired doctor.

“It’s not to protect you. It’s to protect other people,” Johnson said.

When the Herald broke the news about Segarra’s comments on masks on Monday, the story was posted to Facebook. As of 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, the post has nearly 800 shares and over 300 comments.

Some of the comments are in favor of the mandate and some are against it.

One of the comments, from MzBella Sun, said, “Good deal!!!! Make it mandatory for all including kids.”

Another comment, from Paul Watson, said, “I’m not wearing one. Government has so much power they don’t even want you breathing the air without permission.”

In a poll the Herald posted to Facebook Tuesday morning asking if viewers were in favor of the mayor making maskes mandatory, there were 390 total votes and the poll was split 50/50 with 195 votes for yes and 195 votes for no by 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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What about those of us who can not wear masks because they dry out our skin and some of us like myself our skin dries to the point of cracking and bleeding.

I understand why some of you do cause you are scared of this scamdemic but, I can only wear one for a few min at a time.

It should be optional not mandatory,


Ever since they got away with shoving Obamacare down our throats government, on every level, now thinks they can just issue orders and we're supposed to swallow it too.

Here's an idea; if you think you may be sick don't go out spreading your germs around!

I've seen hundreds of people wearing, so called masks. Some of them homemade. The ones with the little filters in them allow your germs to flow through when you exhale. The homemade bandana masks are useless because the fabric won't stop the virus particles from passing through.

All the people wearing a mask over their mouth with their nose hanging out above it might as well be wearing fish net stockings over their heads!

Masks aren't doing anything to keep you from getting sick. Just another feel good order from a politician practicing medicine without a license!

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