The Killeen Educators Association, which represents teachers and other employees in Killeen ISD, is celebrating the continued access to personal protective equipment, or PPE, when they return in the fall.

In September 2020, the Texas State Teachers Association filed a grievance on behalf of KEA against KISD. The grievance cited teachers and paraprofessional members have been forced to work in an unsafe environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the district will not be allowed to require face masks going into the 2021-2022 school year and virtual learning will not be an option, teachers will have increased access to personal protective equipment, such as air filters or desk shields.

KEA President Rick Beaulé praised that fact since just more than 30% of people in Bell County have received a coronavirus vaccine, which he said is far from herd immunity.

At a school board meeting on Tuesday, Killeen ISD Superintendent John Craft said, “We respect each employee’s, each student’s, each staff member’s own individual choices in this regard, because we don’t know each individual’s own personal circumstances.”

Beaulé said KISD employees now have more options and more of a voice than they’ve ever had.

“This is a win for both sides, which is how it should be,” Beaulé said. “Rights you do not fight for are rights you don’t have. Likewise, safety you do not advocate for is safety you don’t have."


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Defeat the schools by draining your children out of them. Make the schools like ghost towns. Make homeschooling the new normal. It's already BEEN normal once, it can be so again

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