Teacher Protest

Vehicles drive past the Killeen ISD administration building honking their horns during the protest on Tuesday evening.

Around 35 to 40 cars drove by the Killeen Independent School District administration building Tuesday evening, with the drivers honking their horns to protest the district’s plan to return to face-to-face learning on Sept. 8.

Rick Beaule, president of the Killeen Educators Association, the organization that planned the protest, said the event was held in large part because of the “boiling over frustrations of people who feel like their concerns about a safe return are not being heard.”

Protesters were encouraged to honk there horns starting at 6 p.m., the same time the Killeen school board meeting started inside the administration building.

Beaule said KEA wants to continue with virtual learning until there are 14 consecutive days of declining coronavirus cases or until the Bell County Health District says it is OK for students to return to campus.

Beaule said he was not sure if there will be future protests, but there could be if they are necessary.

“We want to make sure that we have a safe return to learning, so if that means we have to have more activities like this to make sure that the community is heard, then we will,” Beaule said.

Taina Maya, the spokeswoman for Killeen ISD, provided a statement via email on the protest.

“The district encourages all staff members to reach out and express their concerns with our Human Resources Department. We will continue to work towards solutions to ease the apprehensions of our KISD employees,” Maya said. “With things changing daily it is not uncommon for individuals to experience some amount of anxiety. Through KISD’s employee assistance program staff has free access to Unum’s EAP’s counseling up to three face-to-face visits per year and unlimited virtual visits. This service is there to help manage issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.”

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Why isn't KISD addressing the already infected teachers on campuses? Though, KISD has to protect the privacy of people for legal reasons, they are covering up the truth, because they don't want to incite panic. Well, what about the panic caused by hiding the truth. This has to be investigated. And, social distancing isn't being practiced when administration has teachers planning in groups, practicing photo ops (new middle school ribbon cutting), and increasing class sizes where the only solution to social distancing is face forward. Students are going to be students, and some adults are not going to consider the risks. This is information was shared by teachers in the district. See, so much for confidentiality, when people are nervous about their own health and health of loved ones. This is crazy! There should be legal implications if a love one is required to work under circumstances that are contract based with the underlying notion of work or else. Legally, there has to be some precedence, regardless of when you knowingly put someone's life at risk. And, I hope somewhere down the line, there will be laws that protect teachers or any school member for not wanting to work under life threatening conditions.


o.k. so I think it's time to talk the truth...evetyone else in the world has already either worked through the entire pandemic or returned to work. these peolle are being idiotic at best and downright dangerous. how are they any better than fire fighters, soldiers, nurses, doctors, lowes workers, walmart workers...or let's face it everyone else. They need to be fired and in their place put educators that want to teach because they love children and enjoy he expression of happiness on the faces of their students when they understand something new.


There is more than one side to this, doesn't seem like you're considering the safety of the children. Social distancing and other precautions are totally different when having to be around children... Teachers and students, especially elementary level, are out days throughout the school year due to viruses of various types due to proximity, hygiene, etc. Cannot expect small ones to understand the ramifications of touching and socializing with peers and teachers. The danger is moreso the threat to the children. Many are being forced back to work for fear of losing jobs, or unemployment benefits are not enough with no consideration toward health concerns. There are students and teachers who are vulnerable bc of underlying health issues as well, not to mention special needs students. Personally, I think that consideration should be given based on recommendations by the health officials and the spread stats for all concerned. To imply that these individuals do not love children because they are requesting a delay in face to face, is unwarranted. These people are more aware of the challenges than anyone sitting in an office all day issuing policies and definitely any of us in the outside looking in providing an opinion. ~Respectfully,

A mother of teachers and grandmother of students.[thumbdown]

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