All of the windows at the Black Meg 43, a hamburger restaurant at 1406 E. Rancier Ave. in Killeen, were broken around 1:10 a.m. Thursday morning, according to the restaurant.

Blair Janoe, district manager of the restaurant, said she does not who did it, why or how they did it, but the Killeen Police Department is investigating the incident.

The damages are estimated to cost more than $15,000 and the glass could be replaced within a week, according to Janoe.

Janoe said they know it happened around 1:10 a.m. because the restaurant’s security alarm went off at that time.

Janoe wants customers to speak up if they hear anything.

“Be on the lookout, listen, someone is talking because someone is proud of themselves for doing this. This is a business that is owned by two veterans. If you know something please go to the police department,” Janoe said.

The restaurant was serving customers via the drive-thru and takeout orders due to all local restaurants not being able to open dining rooms due to coronavirus concerns. Now, because of the broken windows, Killeen Code Enforcement told the restaurant to lock its doors. However, the restaurant is still open and providing takeout orders by walking them to customers’ vehicles, according to Janoe.

KPD verified that they are investigating the incident.

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No doubt they were hoping to get 'free' food, and were probably scared off by the alarm. All restaurants should have security cameras, inside and out! Especially these days!

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