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There have been 1,540 positive cases of the coronavirus among both students and staff within the Killeen Independent School District since March as of Friday — an increase of 6% from the week prior.

At the elementary level, 303 students and 397 staff have tested positive. At KISD middle schools, 191 students and 134 staff have tested positive, and 254 students and 143 staff have tested positive at high schools, according to the district’s COVID-19 dashboard, One high school teacher died due to complications from the coronavirus.

A total of 118 staff members have tested positive at KISD’s non-campus buildings.

There were 78 active cases of the virus — 46 students and 32 staff members — in the district as of Friday, according to KISD.

KISD keeps track of the active cases, by school, on its website.

Here is a look at active coronavirus cases at KISD schools, as of Friday:

School name / Students / Staff

Alice W. Douse 3/0

Bellaire 1/0

Brookhaven 0/0

Cedar Valley 0/0

Clarke 0/0

Clear Creek 3/6

Clifton Park 6/2

Dr. Joseph A. Fowler 1/1

Harker Heights Elementary 3/0

Hay Branch 0/3

Haynes 1/0

Iduma 0/1

Ira Cross 0/1

Maude Moore Wood 0/0

Maxdale 0/0

Meadows 0/0

Montague Village 1/0

Mountain View 0/1

Nolanville 0/0

Oveta Culp Hobby 1/0

Peebles 0/0

Pershing Park 0/0

Reeces Creek 0/0

Richard E. Cavazos 0/0

Saegert 0/0

Skipcha 0/0

Sugar Loaf 0/0

Timber Ridge 0/1

Trimmier 0/1

Venable Village 0/0

West Ward 0/0

Willow Springs 0/0

Audie Murphy 0/0

Charles E. Patterson 0/0

Eastern Hills 0/0

Gateway Middle School 0/0

Liberty Hill 2/3

Live Oak Ridge 0/0

Manor 0/0

Nolan 0/0

Palo Alto 1/0

Rancier 1/0

Roy J. Smith 3/6

Union Grove 0/2

Ellison High School 0/2

Early College High School 0/0

Gateway High School 0/0

Harker Heights High School 2/13

Killeen High School 0/1

Shoemaker High School 2/3

KISD Career Center 0/0

Pathways Academic Campus 0/0

Total KISD Active cases: Students: 46 Staff: 32

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