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Lampasas Independent School District recently took part in a pilot program from the state of Texas to allow students and teachers within school districts to get tested for COVID-19 and receive rapid results the same day of the test.

LISD teachers and students have been able to get tested for free at a local clinic in Lampasas, according to Chane Rascoe, the superintendent for LISD.

“The biggest benefit of all is that it’s free to our staff and students, it gets positive results to our health department quicker and it allows us to contact trace easier,” Rascoe said.

Rascoe added that prior to the rapid testing, it would take around 15 to 17 days before the area’s health department was notified of a positive test.

An Austin American Statesman article said the tests will be done with nasal swabs and the free tests will be available for teachers and students participating in in-person learning.

The article also said that students need their parents or guardians permission to get tested.

Taina Maya, the spokeswoman for the Killeen Independent School District, provided a statement on the pilot program Thursday morning.

“On October 14 Governor Abbott announced the creation of the Rapid Testing Pilot Program which includes Lampasas ISD. In addition to the Governor’s press conference, TEA sent an email to all school districts with information about the pilot program. The district has been, and will continue to, explore the feasibility and the validity of the rapid COVID-19 tests. At this time no further information has been communicated to school districts beyond the initial pilot program rollout,” Maya said.

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