After a monthlong spike in COVID-19 related emergency room visits, Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra has reinstated the city’s state of disaster.

Segarra signed the declaration Thursday, which will remain in effect, pending approval by the Killeen City Council. The declaration will remain in effect until it is terminated by the mayor.

The decision to declare a local state of disaster comes just six days after Bell County declared its own state of disaster.

“The choice to once again declare a local disaster is based entirely on better insuring that Bell County, and city governments within Bell County, may all benefit from resources and reimbursements that would only be available to entities with active disaster declarations,” Judge David Blackburn said in a press release on Aug. 13. “It is simply an administrative measure.”

Segarra gave a similar statement Thursday, reiterating that the decision was mostly administrative.

“Right now we’re just doing an emergency declaration,” Segarra said.

In a similar vein, Killeen’s Executive Director of Communications Janell Ford stated Thursday in a follow-up press release that the declaration signed Thursday is the same that the city approved in March of 2020.

“The Local State of Disaster Declaration that was reinstated today by the City of Killeen is the same one that was originally issued in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The disaster declaration was re-issued for the purposes of state and federal funding eligibility. The original one ended on June 1, when Bell County terminated their disaster declaration. This will assist with pandemic-related resources and expenses and is an administrative step.”

Strictly speaking, however, this declaration is more limited in scope than the one signed in March of 2020. Section 5 of the current declaration spells out the city’s powers as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This declaration authorizes the city to take any necessary actions to promote health and suppress the virus, including but not limited to the quarantine of persons and occupied structures, establishing quarantine stations, testing stations, vaccination stations and emergency hospitals; and insuring compliance for those who do not comply with the city’s rules and directives.”

Facebook users were quick to claim overexertion of authority and “immediate threat to liberty,” but Segarra assured residents that the measure is simply so the city can receive funding.

“We’re not quarantining anyone, we’re just issuing a declaration, just to make sure that we continue to receive the federal assistance that we’ve been getting,” he said.

Segarra acknowledged that some individuals may feel alarmed by the language in the press release but said that Killeen’s press release was “pretty much in line with what Bell County had put out last week.”

Several of the previous declaration’s powers have been removed, such as the authority to regulate ingress and egress from the city, as well as the ability to shut down gatherings larger than 50 individuals.

Moreover, the city is itself restricted in its ability to pass coronavirus-related measures due to an executive order issued by Gov. Greg Abbott on July 2. The order, which notably came just prior to the uptick in COVID-19 related emergency room visits, bars any city from requiring vaccines in any form, requiring proof of vaccination or applying COVID-19 based operating limits on businesses.

Ultimately, the city’s response will be dictated by the state of the coronavirus and measured by the state’s authority.

Several members of Killeen’s City Council responded for comment.

Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Nash-King

“It is unfortunate that a declaration of disaster was declared for the city but, we are prepared to assist with decreasing COVID-19 cases by providing free testing and vaccination site. We must work together to decrease the spread of the virus by wearing masks, washing hands and practicing social distances in order to keep our community health.”

Councilman Michael Boyd

“The Mayor of Killeen recently declared a Local State of Disaster for a Public Health Emergency. It is truly unfortunate that COVID-19 continues to spread across our community. I humbly ask individuals to consider getting vaccinated, if they haven’t already. It is my hope that individuals continue to wear a mask when or where needed.”

Councilwoman Nina Cobb

“Let’s continue to work together and follow the guidelines of our Public Health Department and Emergency Management.”

The city’s four other council members did not respond to the request for comment by press time Thursday.

Councilwoman Mellisa Brown

"The current rise is COVID cases has caused the County and the City to issue a State of Disaster. This is primarily so that we can apply for and potentially receive any State or Federal assistance that becomes available.

There is no intention to put any new mandatory restrictions on anyone at this time. We follow what the County issues and the County generally follows what the state puts out."

Councilwoman Jessica Gonzalez

"Our municipal leaders are a line of defense by alerting us locally of imminent threats and also notifying the state of our status. We must be proactive, the statistics are clear locally, statewide and nationally, there is an unfortunate and swift rate of increased cases. It is good to know that our leadership is looking forward and taking the steps to ensure our city is informed, and that should additional resources be needed as a result, we will have that access as an option."

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Some people wouldn't recognize tyranny if it slapped a mask on their face, made them stand 6 ft apart, and forced them to take a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8 survival rate.

OH and the big lie is that the hospital trauma units are overwhelmed. My daughter was at advent last night there were 3 people there. The "covid" area was empty. I have a friend who has a friend who works at Seton said there are 7 people in ICU and not all have "covid" FEAR SELLS My daughter said while she was there for her cut hand there was a lady that had the clot shot who was in really bad pain and was very ill. I am pretty sure my daughters visit to the ER will be chalked up to another covid case and used to keep the lie going that the hospital trauma units are overwhelmed.


Oh i believe it. Hospitals getting kickbacks. I guess these doctors forgot that they took the hippocratic oath to do no harm and they are not honoring it. America's frontline doctors have their legal eagle dream team working overtime for the American people.

Here's a great video from a law professor David Clements



Yes I saw that video, we need more like him.


Interesting quote from the kids movie " A bugs life"


"You let one ant stand up to us and they might ALL stand up!! Those "puny little ants" outnumber us a hundred to one. And if ever let them figure that out... THERE GOES OUR WAY OF LIFE! It is NOT about food. It's about keeping those ants in line."


I got my text message Thursday about the state of emergency. The state of emergency should be the number of people who belive this. Wake up folks before it's too late. They want us to vac up with something that isn't FDA approved, doesn't stop you from getting the virus, doesnt stop you from giving the virus,causes you to shed the virus, causes blood clots. So far in US over 13,000 deaths,51,000 hospitalizations, 70,000 urgent care,5,282 anaphylaxis,4,461 bells palsey,1,505 miscarriages,6,000 heart attacks,24,305 allergic reactions this is US only. You can go nto the VAERS website & see there data for yourself people


They keep saying take the vaccine. Why not promote washing hands ,6ft and vitamins C,D,zinc & quercetin.

Get educated or we will lose our God given rights in America...this all ends when we say no!!!

Here are some excellent websites to educate yourself on



For pfizers full rap sheet go here


Texans for choice website



Thank you for not being another sheep. I fear this town is so full of brainwashed sheep.


Thank you too! United we stand,divided we fall...and they know that. I have never in my 47 years of life ever saw the division we have going on now. I try and talk to my step daughter who is 31 and she's just like ok... trying to explain that NWO is very real and she better open her eyes & wide. Especially for her children's sake. Things are only going to get tougher before they get better but,in the end God wins and I am on the side of God. Be safe fellow American.




Same here I try to talk to people about it like my sister and kids and they just blow me off. My niece though is waking up. She works at scott and white and they are threatening to fire her if she doesn't get the clot shot. I am so scared for the future of my children and grandchildren living in this world. We are looking for land out of this city and get away from this communist city that I used to call home. I will NEVER call Killeen home again.


I wish we could meet but I do not want to give my name, email address or anything on here. I would love to know that are more of us, people that are not sheep and will stand up to this tyrannical government. The evil media wants us to think we are all alone.


Same here. So many hypnotized by MSM .


How sustainable do these people think it is to keep printing money ? We are gonna be like Venezuela. Do your realize that state and federal money means TAXPAYER money? TAXATION IS THEFT!!! Y'all act like money just grows on trees or something. IDIOTS.


Taxation is theft nailed it. Strange they buried the other story.

The killeen tx Mayor declares a state of emergency only to get covid-19 funding.

Think about it, a elected official just used a declaration to defraud the government out of tax payer dollars and he actually puts out a statement to that.

Could you imagine if someone was getting tax payer funded government aid like food stamps did something like this, just to insure they keep getting funding.

This is why cities across the country and elected officials are pushing the covid narrative so hard, it's all about getting free tax payer dollars that the democrats are passing out. While we the tax payers have to pay for it.

This is fraud and why so many just don't believe in thier covid-19 mask and vaccine pushing elected officials.

Segarra's Statment

“Right now we’re just doing an emergency declaration,” Mayor Jose Segarra said. "We're not quarantining people. This is just to make sure that we continue to receive the funding that we've been receiving from the state."

"We're not doing a mask mandate," he added


I find it amazing how blind and stupid people are that they can't see through this bs. Just like sheep to the slaughterhouse. It is sad and very scary. I was born and raised in this area and it is so sad to the destruction the democrats and rinos have done to this city, kind of makes me wish we hadn't moved back here. Four years ago we moved from my husbands hometown in Galveston Count, it was also run by democrats and completely run down, I see Killeen headed there very soon if it isn't already there. My husband remembers when it was a safe place to live.


You're exactly right... this will not end until we stop and say no!!! Our God given rights are being taken from us and unfortunately people are still asleep and can't or won't wake up.


People need to wake up and realize that these "leader" are not our leaders they WORK for us.







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