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Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas has established a public private partnership with the City of Nolanville to provide childcare solutions for mission-essential employees important for supporting the infrastructure needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning Monday, March 23, Boys & Girls Club will operate “day-camps” for 5-12 year old youth from this priority audience at no cost, in the following sites:

· Mary Marie Multi Use Center – 400 Gold Star Avenue, Nolanville TX 76559

· JW Sims Community Center – 408 10th Street Nolanville, Texas 76559

Families interested in day camp services must enroll eligible youth online at or at Club sites, and submit proof of residency and mission essential employment status prior to day camp participation. 

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Kathy B

I think it would be a mistake. Who knows who the children have been in contact since they have been on spring break. The virus has been already spreading. I know I wouldnt want to take a chance of my child being exposed to virus. We should all try to stay home if possible.


I just don’t think this is right! Putting all these kids and adults at risk!! Who’s to say they haven’t been in contact with someone who has the virus? It’s just a bad deal!


I don't think they are allowed to do this. For Pete's Sake, how are they going to keep the kids 6 feet a way from each other and limit the gathering to less than 10 people? Have they not heard about the disaster declarations and the Governor's mandates???? This cannot be true.What parent would take their kid there?


You've asked the million dollar question. Unfortunately the answer is probably they can not keep kids that age 6 feet apart. It will be interesting to see how it works to say the least.


Also, shouldn't where ever those kids have been for the last two weeks be good enough? I mean nobody knows where those kids have been or who they have been in contact with. This doesnt seem like a very smart decision on anyone's part. Money is the bottom line in a nonprofit organization. So the question shoukd be is the money the important thing here or the safety of the kids and the employees? I know it says it's at no cost but if you knew how nonprofits work youd know they get a certain dollar amount per kid that shows up, another dollar amount for the kids they feed and so on. Let the kids be. Parents have already figured it out and then no one is exposed to anything and this thing will be over faster. Good grief.....

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