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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the number of total cases has gone up almost daily. Since neither Bell, Coryell or Lampasas counties report increases over the weekend, the only indication to how the counties are faring comes from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Taking DSHS’s numbers from Friday and comparing them to the numbers from Saturday, it indicates a double-digit increase in total cases for Bell and Coryell counties.

On Saturday, the state reported a total of 6,064 cases in Bell County, up 49 from Friday.

The most recent update from the Bell County Public Health District showed the total number of cases being 5,958, along with 92 deaths.

Bell County and the state have reported different numbers for a while, and FME News Service has reported that DSHS counts those living on Fort Hood, something the health district does not.

In Coryell County, where the state vs. county gap is the largest, the state reported 1,941 cases on Saturday, up 13 from Friday.

The last update from the county came Tuesday, when its website tracker showed 747 total cases and 11 deaths.

County officials have said they are not sure why there is such a difference from what the state is reporting.

For Lampasas County, DSHS reported 297 total cases on Saturday, up three from Friday.

Different from Bell and Coryell counties, the state reports lower numbers for Lampasas County than do county officials.

In the most recent update on Wednesday, Lampasas Mayor Misti Talbert reported on her official Facebook page that there were a total of 384 cases, along with 11 deaths.

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