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Here is the Texas coronavirus daily report for Saturday, as of noon. The state has updated its caseload, and more than 950 new cases were reported since Friday's update. The state fatalities also increased by 30 since Friday.

Currently, 204 of 254 counties in the state have reported positive cases.

23,773 Cases Reported

623 Fatalities

9,986 Estimated* Recoveries

262,816 Total tests

10,634 Public labs

252,182 Private labs

1,597 Lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in Texas hospitals

Source: Texas Department of Health and Human Services

* Recoveries are estimated based on several assumptions related to hospitalization rates and recovery times.

Data is collected by 8 p.m. the previous day and posted mid-day the following day.

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Regarding Benedictine's concern, probably shared by others, the mail carrier wearing gloves will not, necessarily, protect your mail from being contaminated. Anything touched, by the carrier while wearing gloves, that is, itself, contaminated, will contaminate the gloves. Gloves are not antiseptic. The carrier's hands might be protected, by the gloves, but nothing that is touched by the gloves.


Something wieghing heavily on my mind.

Recently I met my mail carrier at my mailbox to inquire about a package and I notice he was not wearing any gloves. I asked why, he responded that the Post Office was not issuing any.

Mail is exchanged by hundreds of people on any given route without out any thought of contamination. I immediately took my mail home , sprayed it with Lysol and washed my hands.

I think this should be looked into, it's so easy to spread the Corona Virus into homes.and among families.


Let's think about it for a sec: if every employee in the post office is wearing gloves, and somehow covid19 gets on a glove. Now every piece of mail that employee handles the covid19 is potentially transferred to the mail. How is that any different if no one is wearing gloves? Just trying to be logical here, no insult of any kind intended. When I get the mail I open each piece and toss the envelopes in the garbage, usually followed by the junk mail that was within. If there is something I want to keep I'll give it a quick wipe with a towel with weak bleach like you're doing. Another option is to set that mail aside for a few days and you should be good to go. Good luck!

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