Garret Galloway holds a lit candle Saturday night during a prayer vigil for Marvin Guy at the Bell County Justice Center. Monday marks eight years since Guy was jailed and charged with the capital murder of a police officer and has still not seen a trial.

Eight years of passed since an early morning, no-knock police raid led to the death of a beloved Killeen police detective and years behind bars, with no trial, for the man the Killeen Police Department was trying to arrest on May 9, 2014.

Marvin Guy, 57, is accused of shooting Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie, who was a respected Killeen Police Department detective and SWAT team member, during the 5 a.m. KPD no-knock raid on Guy’s apartment at Circle M Drive in Killeen. Dinwiddie left behind a wife and two children.


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My heart goes out to Marvin and his family. * years is to long of a time to go without a trial.

I looked further into this and the Police department had an local reporter at the herald fired for investigating this case. This is very suspicious and should not happen.

I sent this info to a federal court to look at, including our state court and our state legislatures. All Marvin and his family is asking is for his day in court. Not only for Marvin but for the officer that was killed in this tragic debacle of a raid by the dept that should have never happened.

And oh by the way they found no drugs on Marvin or at his place of residence.

This correction and truth needs to come out in court. The current DA has also kept people in the past in jail without a trial longer then he should have.

This is a violation of the 6th amendment in the constitution.

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