’A tough few days’: City, community leaders respond to recent Killeen violence

Flanked by Pastor Jimmy Towers and Killeen Councilmember Debbie Nash-King, Killeen Police Department Chief Charles Kimble updates the public on Monday about the recent violence in the city, which as left at least one dead and at least four others injured.

In an emotional news conference on Monday, Killeen Councilmember Debbie Nash-King called for the end of gun violence in the city.

“My top priority today is to make Killeen a safer place for our residents, especially our senior citizens and our youth, and in order to accomplish this task we must continue to promote crime prevention,” Nash-King said at the steps of Killeen City Hall, following an opening prayer by Pastor Jimmy Towers of Lifeway Fellowship.

Nash-King called the 5 p.m. press conference, which was also attended by several city officials and by community leaders, in response to Saturday’s shooting death of Cadarian Connell Parker, 19, on Houston Street on Killeen’s north side, as well as the injuring of a 5-year-old child who was wounded in that same shooting.

“We stand before you in unity to send a strong message to our community that we hear you and we stand with you to stop the senseless killings in Killeen,” she said, speaking from a prepared statement.

Parker’s death is being treated as a murder investigation, according to the Killeen Police Department. The shooting brings Killeen’s 2020 homicide total to 31, surpassing the previous record set in 1991, when the Luby’s Cafeteria mass shooting took place.

After Nash-King, KPD Chief Charles Kimble was the first speaker at the press conference.

“It’s been a tough few days,” he said of the ongoing investigations his department is conducting, which involve several incidents that have taken place since Dec. 26.

Kimble said that the recent violence has stemmed from conflicts between two rival gangs — Young Paper Chasers and K-Town Mafia —which he described as “hybrid” in nature. He said six adults and one juvenile have been arrested in connection with the Sunday shooting that took place in the 2700 block of Alma Drive.

Kimble also said that Monday’s shooting in the area of Andover Drive was directly related to the Alma Drive shooting, where suspects tried to flee from police.

With respect to the Houston Street fatal shooting, Kimble said there is “no excuse” when a 5-year-old child is shot.

“It has to stop,” he said.

Kimble said that with respect to community policing, his department continues to work with crime prevention for youth and other related efforts.

“We try to look at root causes,” he said.

Kimble said that KPD is working with both state and federal authorities in the investigation, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshal’s Service’s Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, the former of which he said his officers are in touch with on a daily basis.

Kimble credits The Village United, a Killeen community organization, with helping in the investigation of the two rival gangs, which are locally based, as both they and KPD had some common information. He said that some of the suspects have invoked their constitutional right to remain silent.

Kimble said that promoting gun safety meaures, such as gun safes and locks, and most importantly not leaving guns in unlocked vehicles, are an important way for the community as a whole to help reduce gun related killings. He added that his department is looking at the possibility of gun buy-back programs.

KPD Assistant Chief Jeff Donahue clarified that though Killeen has 31 homicides so far for 2020, five of those are not criminal in nature (i.e. self-defense, accidental, age of offender).

Killeen is a city of about 150,000 residents. By comparison, Austin, a city of nearly 1 million residents, had 45 homicides as of Dec. 19.

Bryan King, president of Brothers Against Community Crime, spoke at the event.

“It starts with us being parents,” King said, adding that education is important as well. “Without hope, you have no change. When we don’t stand against something, you allow it to happen.”

Angenet Wilkerson of The Village United said that her organization is “about restoring community.”

“You can join us,” she said at the event.

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Just food for thought:

The young Paper Chaser changed thier named to the Dead end yard aka Dead end gang.

The YPC ( young paper chasers) emereged as a power criminal gang from Moreno Valley California.

The YPC is part of a three tier gang set, and are part of the Edgemont Dorner Blocc.

2003 the Dorner Blocc crips formed an Alliance with the YPC aka Dead End Yard.

Do a little rearch and look at some of the names that pop up.

Big question is how does a gang with ties to California end up in central Texas?

One could say Ft. Hood.

Why is it only cities with democrat leaders have gangs?

So many qustion and no one to actually honestly answer them with in this city.


Gang Prevention starts

1. Putting a Gang prevention officer in local schools

2. Schools cracking down on gang activties, such as clothing and so on

3. Holding Ft. Hood accountable, and putting Ft. hood on noticed that the city will be off limits for all personal. Along with domestic violence, soliders who engage in gang or domestic violance should be charged and then escorted to the gates to be handed over to the Mps and thier comanding officers. Along with Mps like in the days of old, patroling known soldeir hang outs ( bars and so on) Yes this can been done and is legal.

5. Instead of making everything about getting re-elected and holding a press conference to use as a way to make a show, actually do somthing.

6. Stop praying get off your knees and actually bring jobs into the area. More jobs in the area will put people to work ( hands that do not work, do the devils work LMAO), jobs give hope and a chance for a future.

7. Start weeding out the corruption in the city and stop over speeding. Wastful speeding and corruption causes higher taxes, and these cause older people to loses thier homes.

BTW you violated the 1st amendment, maybe if you actually undstood the Amendments and peoples rights and set an example maybe you would have less crime. Crime seeks out crime!

Time for a change in city council and time to stop voting the old back in!

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