Marvin Guy

A Killeen man accused of killing a Killeen SWAT officer in May 2014 has received a new tentative trial date after he appeared in court Thursday.

Marvin Louis Guy, 50, was indicted in May 2014 on three counts of attempted capital murder and one count of capital murder.

Killeen Police Department SWAT officers were serving a “no-knock” narcotics warrant at Guy’s home on Circle M Drive in Killeen in the early morning May 9, 2014.

KPD officer Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie was struck by a bullet in the face and died a few days after the shooting. Two other officers were wounded.

Guy’s original trial date of March was set back Thursday as Guy’s new attorney, Carlos Garcia of Austin, is still requesting discovery— including ballistics testing of the numerous police weapons that were fired that morning.

“I know there are certain ballistic issues that we’ve talked about that we need to take a look at in terms of testing,” Garcia said Thursday in Judge John Gauntt’s 27th District Court. “So, we’ve discussed that.”

In September, Gauntt issued a gag order in Guy’s case soon after Garcia took over as Guy’s new attorney. Since then, Garcia said, he has been utilizing a digital portal provided by the Bell County district attorney to access the myriad documents and evidence. He hopes to have everything by Feb. 18, when the next hearing is scheduled.

“At that setting, what I’d like to do is have a hearing on a motion to produce discovery,” Garcia said.

Paul McWilliams, Bell County’s first assistant district attorney, said he understands Garcia’s requests and expects to provide ballistic and biological evidence by February.

“We do understand the problems Mr. Garcia has got because he’s got to look at what’s coming off of our portal compared to what he’s got from Mr. Hunt,” McWilliams said of Guy’s previous attorney, Russ Hunt, of Waco. “And then make sure it’s being updated and that’s what we’re in the process of doing right now.”

Both sides then agreed a tentative trial date in September would be acceptable.

“Although I’m quite leery of setting a trial date, we have an agreement that perhaps we could pick this up Sept. 26th as a date when a panel would come in for a jury panel,” Garcia said.

In numerous Herald jail interviews with Guy, he said police singled him out because of his felony criminal history of bank robbery and other offenses and said he was simply defending himself when his bedroom window was broken out that morning.

No drugs were found by KPD officers during the search of Guy’s home. | 254-501-7552​

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The police did not apparently announce when they entered the residence in the middle of the night. The subject had no idea who was entering his residence in the middle of the night. Texas law is clear on what actions are authorized when an unidentified person or persons breaks into your residence in the middle of the night. The law is also clear on who is and who is not authorized possession of a firearm.

Dr Strangelove

Was you there? How do you the police didn't announce when coming in? Are you taking this felon with a gun word for it?


Agree with Bubba. Police are acting like storm troopers and their behavior is no different from a home invasion by thugs. I think self defense is a legitimate issue in this case

Dr Strangelove

HELLO! You should have been singled out! You’re a felon with a gun you scumbag!

Dr Strangelove

HELLO! You should have been singled out! You’re a felon with a guy you scumbag!

Dr Strangelove

Sorry typo.

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