Sonny Brownlow’s mother said she wants justice for her son’s “cold-blooded murder” — before “street justice” takes over in Killeen.

“My son wasn’t violent, he didn’t even know the man who killed him,” said Rachel Dees Thursday, three days after her 16-year-old son was gunned down at a convenience store in central Killeen. Police have announced no arrests in the case and declined to say if there are any suspects: however, the mother says she knows who the gunman is and has given his name to police.

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Rachel Dees and her son, then-10-year-old Sonny Brownlow. Brownlow, 16, was killed in a Killeen shooting on Monday. | 254-501-7551


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I thought there was school on Monday 🤷🏾‍♀️


This whole crew was far from innocent. Threating lives, shootings and robberies. All will come out in due time.


My point is even I'd he has picture with guns guess what most kids try to look cool. Even I found pictures of my daughter with a bb gun that we own but it looks like an assault rifle. There was no incident that should have resulted with gun fire. I'm 100% sure that while you looked at his pictures gun weren't the only thing you seen, there are pictures of him smiling with other kids and pictures with his family. Kids and young adults are molded into the adults they become but a kid that fired took a life from a kid who said nothing to him and was leaving. One kid gets to see his family after killing another while Sonny couldnt even say goodbye to anyone. By all rights the kid that lost his life is innocent he was leaving he didn't deserve to die the mother has every right to feel the way she does.


Truth told me to reveal to the world: In KILL'em, STREET INJUSTICE, along with THUGISM, have been running rampant for the past 30 odd years!!!!


KILL'em can be hazardous to your health.


If you wish to continue breathing, get out while the getting is still possible.


Obviously the shooter had a mentor that showed him how to fire from cover and aim. That's what's sad instead of any number of ways that handling any dispute could have gone SONNY WHO WAS LEAVING(doing the right thing) LOST HIS LIFE. How can anyone see anything but that.


Obviously the public seems to think that they can paint a picture making a kid out to be violent because they "looked at their Facebook pages pictures". That is funny you say that because you know absolutely nothing about him nor his family. He didn't have videos of him shooting at people he IS A KID NONETHELESS. Kids will make mistakes. They will learn and know the consequences of said mistakes. But this family too many times has been shot at by driveby shooting. What did the police say, no suspects at this time until a year or so goes by. His family had young children under 10 in the house. So if he felt safer or like he may have been able to protect his younger siblings then who is anyone to judge. What it boils down to they were shot at while leaving the store nothing was said inside from one party to the next. They were all young it's still a cold blooded killing to say oh he isn't innocent look at his Facebook is a lack of intelligence and anyone making light of this situation ought to be ashamed Sonny was a good kid who despite the many many challenges he faced in his life could have been something he had intelligence beyond his years. He loved his family and his close friends it's so easy to speculate with out knowing anything about him. I just wonder if KPD is going to leave this family with no answers like they have in the past.

Michael Fornino

Yes, a sixteen year-old, not legally allowed to possess weapons of any kind - posting pics with weapons in a public parking lot...totally "peaceful" character and intent.

I am NOT making light of the situation. The fact that folks are not taking it seriously or addressing the obvious is taking it lightly by minimizing the absolute obvious.

Stop making excuses for behavior that is plain as day. A teenager armed with pistols is highly unlikely to be going door to door engaging in charity / the Lord's work.


Oh the irony of a man who goes everywhere armed (including city council meetings) questioning the motives of another armed individual.

I believe the word you're looking for is hypocrite or maybe just say you're sorry for being an #$$.

The woman lost her child. How about showing some grace?




That day had no snacks either.


Just like the families that are not at peace or safe as long as that 3wrld crew out here.


Guess question at hand is they ever find them snacks??? Did they fall out along with the gun while driving away with the passenger back door open. 🤔

Michael Fornino

“My son wasn’t violent, he didn’t even know the man who killed him,” - yet the mother knows who killed him. Any of this making sense to anyone?

NOT violent? Okay...KDH...publish the pics I sent to you from HIS facebook with him and two pistols in a parking lot. I'm sure a TEENAGER had legitimate reason to have TWO pistols in a public parking area.

...and City Council is upset about THEIR security at meetings. Mayor Pro Tem tries to attack ME...and HIS safety is of concern. I chose NOT to be violent, and people still trying to make me out to be the villain.

Compare the crime blotter with Ken Wilkerson's assessment of "crime" and tell me that anyone in this city has a clue what is really going on.

Michael Fornino

Stop it. I am sick and tired of the innocent little baby routine. I've seen - and sent the facebook pics to KDH of him possessing, handling pistols in public. I am sorry for her loss, but it is quite clear the kid was living a certain lifestyle that brings consequences.

When will we stop doing the kabuki dance about crime in this town? The " shouldn't talk about / bring that up" nonsense just perpetuates the problem. WE HAVE A VIOLENT YOUTH AND GANG PROBLEM. Stop pretending like we don't. Stop minimizing the actions of people and creating excuses to do everything but stopping it.

Mentoring, outreach, and any other nonsense effort is NOT working. KISD PD doesn't hold students accountable - to keep their reports and FUNDING intact, and we as a city are afraid to enforce laws or take responsibility for the children / youth.

Stop kidding yourselves.



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