Angelica Hardin

The family of Angelica Hardin are skeptic of Harker Heights Police Department's ruling of her death as a suicide. The family is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with answers.

The November 2019 death of Harker Heights resident Angelica Hardin has sparked questions from family members after police ruled her death a suicide. Through email, her father, Arthur Hardin, told the Herald her death “appear to be planned by a trusted acquaintance due to her position.”

Now, the family is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who has information leading to the arrest of her killer.

According to parents and social media, Angelica Hardin, 29, was not in a relationship “as publicized via her Facebook, other social media sites and during conversation.”

The parents found Angelica Hardin dead at her Harker Heights home on Nov. 8.

Harker Heights police told the Herald the case is still under investigation.

The “case is still open and under investigation, we did get autopsy results, but are still pending other lab results,” said Heights police spokesperson Lt. Stephen Miller last month. “Currently, and other sources from Dallas agree, that evidence received is indicating suicide; however, with the case still open, this indication in not conclusive.”

The parents said they don’t believe the preliminary report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. They said they believe she was murdered. Arthur Hardin said one of the reasons he disputed the police report was due to the way Angelica’s dead body was positioned, mainly “the way her blanket was tucked up to her neck.”

“In the past year, she expanded her social circle to more face-to-face contacts even as she worked full-time, studied her doctoral program and attended to her children. Angelica was positive and caring, deeply loved her four children,” Arthur Hardin wrote to the Herald on Feb. 9.

He asked the public “if anyone with knowledge leading to the arrest and conviction is asked to speak up” and contact him through Facebook Messenger.

Monique Brand - Killeen Daily Herald | 254-501-7567

City Hall Reporter

Monique 'Mo' Brand joined the Herald in May 2019. Before that, she covered border coverage and county government in Arizona. She also worked as a reporter in Kerrville, Los Angeles, and Norfolk Virginia. The U.S. Navy veteran grew up in Killeen.

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