Christopher Rennick Morris

Christopher Rennick Morris

BELTON — A former Killeen police officer on Tuesday took a plea deal in a sex assault case from 2015, an official said. After pleading to a lesser charge, Christopher Rennick Morris was sentenced in the 27th Judicial District Court to two days in the Bell County Jail, for which he already had credit, said First Assistant District Attorney Paul McWilliams.

In 2016, Morris “was indicted in a two count indictment: one count of sexual assault and one count of official oppression,” McWilliams said. The state “allowed Morris to plead to official oppression, surrender his peace officer license and agree to not seek employment as a police officer again. That was the main thing our victim wanted to accomplish from the beginning.”

McWilliams said that after testifying at an administrative hearing conducted by the police department, the “victim did not want to go through anything like that again.”

A previous KPD news release said that former Police Chief Dennis Baldwin terminated Morris’ employment “on June 6, 2016, for violation of multiple departmental general orders and violation of local civil service rules and regulations.”

Morris was accused of forcing sexual intercourse on the victim on or about June 21, 2015, according to the indictment.

The indictment also lists Morris’ official oppression charge in which he allegedly subjected his victim “to sexual harassment by making unwanted sexual advances” while Morris was “acting under color of his employment as a public servant, namely a Killeen Police Officer.”

“Christopher Morris’ actions violated the trust and faith placed in him by the community and this department,” said former chief Baldwin in the release. “His conduct is inexcusable and will not be tolerated. He will be held accountable for any criminal conduct in a court of law.”

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Morris was an honest cop who got thrown under the bus by a incompetent, corrupt, and racism department. He was a victim of doing his job too well and as such made enemies in the department for doing the right thing. KPD lost one of their best.

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