Ralph Rivera Majica

Ralph Rivera Majica

A district court judge suspended the jail sentence for a Killeen man who was convicted of a felony charge after the man shared intimate photos of a woman as revenge.

On Oct. 14, 2021, Ralph Rivera Majica, 67, was sentenced by Judge Paul LePak to 17 months in state jail with credit for time served, according to Bell County court records. Majica had pleaded guilty on Aug. 19, 2021, to a state jail felony charge of publishing or threatening to publish intimate visual material.

During a hearing on Thursday in the same 264th Judicial District Court, LePak granted a defense motion for shock probation and suspended Majica’s jail sentence to four years of probation, court records show.

Majica will not immediately be released from the Bell County Jail, however, because LePak ordered that Majica serve 174 days in jail as a condition of his probation.

Less than two months into his 17-month sentence, on Dec. 2, 2021, Majica wrote a letter to the court asking that his sentence be suspended because of a medical condition.

The case dates back nearly three years.

A woman on April 1, 2019, reported to police that Majica on Feb. 24, 2019, had sent intimate photos of her to a church pastor.

Police spoke with the pastor, who confirmed that he had received intimate photos of the victim through a Facebook account under Majica’s name, according to the arrest affidavit.

Majica told police that the woman had sent the photos to him “while they were in an intimate relationship and that he had become upset with her after the relationship ended...and wanted to cause emotional harm.”

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Concerned Vet

What he did was wrong of course, and yes, the woman is a victim. I’ve got no opinion on the judge’s decision though. But, it just goes to show that if you don’t want nude photos of yourself out there, don’t put them out there… and better yet, don’t take ‘em in the first place. They both screwed up in my opinion, and hopefully BOTH parties involved learn a lesson from this mess. The real question that comes to mind though, is if she sent photos like that to one man, how many times had she done it in the past?


This is not a victimless crime. This is a crime that does damage for along time afterwards. This crimes ruins a persons life, can cause lost of friends, lost of financial, this type of crime is a form of rape and worst.

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