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A Killeen man was sentenced last week to a term of deferred adjudicated probation after police said that he hit a police officer and a fire department captain who had responded to a vehicle accident last year.

During a hearing in the 27th Judicial District Court, Naquan Xavier Roberts, 27, was sentenced to eight years of deferred probation. He will have to pay $661 in restitution and a fine of $2,000, complete 200 hours of community service and obtain mental health and substance abuse treatment.

He already had pleaded guilty on May 5 to two third-degree felony charges of assault of a public servant.

Testimony and arguments

Last Tuesday, Judge John Gauntt heard from one of the victims and the defendant as well as attorneys’ arguments before making his decision.

KPD Sgt. Christopher Stickles, who has been a police officer for nearly 20 years, testified that on May 31, 2020, he responded to the accident scene on State Highway 195.

“It was a rollover crash,” he said. “I expected to secure the scene and assist anyone in need.”

He said that while he was checking on the occupants of one of the vehicles, he noticed a man walking down the road. “He walked straight up to me and, without saying anything, started swinging punches at me,” Stickles said.

The officer was struck in the shoulders and an injury to his sternum later was discovered, according to the arrest affidavit. Roberts continued to fight the officer by putting him in a headlock and trying to kick him. Later, while being examined by the Killeen Fire Department, Roberts punched a fire department captain in the mouth, causing him to bleed from his lip.

The officer said that he would like to see Roberts get help.

“His substance abuse puts his life is at risk and others in the community,” Stickles said. “I wish that he can become a healthy individual and move forward.”

However, the officer said that although his physical injuries have healed, he continues to be affected by the incident.

“I don’t approach a simple accident call the same way,” Stickles said. “I was there to help; I never expected I would be defending my life.”

Roberts expressed his remorse during his testimony and said that he had been hallucinating after using ecstasy and smoking marijuana laced with methamphetamine.

“It was a mistake,” Roberts said. “I’m not an aggressive or violent person and I don’t use drugs anymore.”

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