Darryl Michael Lewis

Darryl Michael Lewis

A Killeen man was sentenced this week to five years of deferred adjudicated probation for felony assault after police said he assaulted the same woman three times within a year.

Darryl Michael Lewis, 28, was indicted in October last year on a third-degree felony charge of continuous violence against a family member. What would have been a misdemeanor charge of assault on a family member was enhanced to a third-degree felony because of two previous assaults — on July 13, 2018, and Oct. 6, 2018 — against the same woman.

He pleaded guilty on March 5 and was sentenced Tuesday during a remote hearing in the 27th Judicial District Court.

The judge followed a plea agreement in the case.

Killeen police on June 6, 2019, responded to the emergency room of a hospital in reference to suspicions of an assault on a woman. A woman told police that Lewis assaulted her at her residence on Cantabrian Drive, according to the arrest affidavit. She said that Lewis arrived at her home intoxicated and she told him to leave but he refused, called her a name and punched her in her face, police said. She told police that he punched her several more times, leaving her “semi-conscious.”


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This is more path ethic than my domestic violence case. The problem is within the law. Victims are diying rapidly due to domestic violence. The problem is within the law. Read the new around the world. Deferred jurisdiction after 3rd charge. The message that is being sent is its a crime you can get away with. Its like they don't care, or take it seriously. Whomever you're the system failed to protect you like a lot of other women. You better learn how to manipulate the law & become knowledgeable. Id get with an agency that can support you, and give you some direction. Domestic Violence is affecting our children. The worst case scenario in another state. killed all four of her promising children in front of her, and she barely escaped death. There was a case in Houston with a beautiful baby. I can go on. I learnt the law, how to protect myself, and I surround myself with people that can help me, and understand where I'm coming from. The problem is within the law. This is where the importance of voting comes in, and involving yourself in the legislature. Do a lot of complaining, and writing. Law if you want this to stop...You need to be harder, and a slap on the wrist isn't doing it. Their needs to be a court controlled Domestic Violence list that follows you everywhere you go. They giving every excuse why they cant do it. The bodies are pilling up like the coronavirus. I pray whomever you're that you're reading this. I pray that you're safe.

Mama Cel

What is wrong with this judge n lawyers shame on them. If ANYTHING happens to this woman I hope the family is loggin everything n goes after them


Does he have to kill someone to get jail time?


Now watch if he does see her again and do kill her how in the world is the judge and da going to sleep at night makes no sense did they atleast give her a restraining order I mean what are we doing to protect our women we look what happened to VANESSA GUILLEN she wasn't protected come on judge and da said part is she probably go back to him because you guys didn't protect her the other times from him


I’m not gonna kill her if you knew what you what you was talking about you would stfu and don’t believe everything you see. So just keep your comments to yourself cause your look really dumb just like the rest of the people who comment on this post 👌🏾💯

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