Shakera Boswell

Shakera Boswell

A Killeen woman who stabbed a man in September pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Monday to probation after the victim decided to support her.

Shakera Boswell, 22, initially was charged with the second-degree felony offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. On Monday, Boswell “pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault causing bodily injury and was sentenced to one year of community supervision,” said Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza on Monday. “This plea was done at the request of the victim, who did not wish Ms. Boswell prosecuted for this incident. The victim was present at the time of the plea, and was there in support of the defendant.”

The case was set to be heard in the 264th Judicial District Court.

On Sept. 9, Killeen police responded to a violent domestic call in the 200 block of Monte Carlo Lane. There, police found a man who was bleeding from his upper arm and a woman standing near the door of the residence crying, according to the arrest affidavit.

The man told police that he and the woman, identified as Boswell, were in an argument.

“The (female) told the (male) to leave her residence and take his belongings with him,” police said. “As the (male) walked out the door, he saw blood dripping from his left arm and right shoulder.”

Police, executing a search warrant, found a “bloody steak knife” in Boswell’s kitchen sink.


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