Members of the Killeen Independent School District board of trustees have mixed reactions to the arrest of the spokeswoman for the district, Taina Maya.

Maya was arrested Oct. 14 in Waco after a domestic dispute at her home.

She told the Herald on Friday that it was a verbal argument with her husband at her home in Waco, during which she said that both she and her husband called the police in order to keep the argument from escalating. Maya stopped short of saying the incident involved a physical altercation, however, the affidavit says Maya was the “primary aggressor” who put her husband in a headlock, and at one point “grabbed him around the throat.” She was charged with misdemeanor assault-family violence.

John Craft, the superintendent of KISD, responded to questions from the Herald via email on Wednesday.

“The district does not discuss individual employee personnel actions,” Craft said. “The district will follow appropriate policies and procedures while assessing each situation individually.”

Maya said last week the offense was “non-reportable,” in accordance with KISD employee policy, meaning she didn’t have to report it to her boss, Craft. However, she said she did report it to Craft, anyway, and was back to work the next day.

Among the charges that are required for KISD employees to report are crimes “involving moral turpitude,” which include “deliberate violence” and other crimes, raising questions if it should have been a “reportable” offense for a KISD employee.

“As Ms. Maya reported her arrest, the question of whether or not she had to report it is immaterial,” Craft said in response to Herald questions this week.

Craft refused to say if any disciplinary action has been taken against Maya, or if that sends a message that KISD does not have a zero-tolerance policy

“The district does not discuss individual employee personnel actions,” Craft said in response to those questions.

Maya was hired in July 2019 with a salary of more than $136,000, making her among the top-paid employees in KISD.

The Herald also sent questions to all of the members of the board of trustees on Tuesday afternoon.

Board President Corbett Lawler responded on Wednesday morning.

“It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to discuss personnel matters about KISD employees. Such matters rest in the hands of Dr. Craft and his HR staff who are guided by policies and procedures,” Lawler said. “I am certain that Dr. Craft will navigate through any problems respecting employees rights to privacy while upholding appropriate policies and guidelines.”

Board Member Marvin Rainwater echoed similar thoughts to Lawler.

“As a board member it is not appropriate to comment on a private matter of any KISD employee. I am confident that all policies will be adhered to as they are published,” Rainwater said.

Board Member Susan Jones shared differing thoughts on the incident in her response on Wednesday.

“I must admit that the news about Maya’s arrest was very disappointing and I find her statement to the KDH concerning. Dr. Craft needs to address this situation in the same manner that he would if it were another employee, void of preferential treatment because of her position or gender sympathy,” Jones said. “The KISD policy states ‘Acts constituting abuse or neglect under the Texas Family Code’ and given the affidavit statement of ‘Assault’ I would argue that this was a reportable offense.”

The remaining school board members, Brett Williams, Shelley Wells, JoAnn Purser and Minerva Trujillo, did not respond to the questions by deadline.

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Scout#1 Thank you so much for your comment . i'm glad you recognized us and said what you said. And yes as a custodian I do Love my job very much. i enjoy coming to work everyday. and as far as college goes yes it does cost alot and college is not for everyone. I tried it 3 times when I was younger and it did not work for me. I was destined for something else in life and its what i do every day. Thank you once again for your kind words.


So much is wrong with this.

No one but the Herald and KXXV have reported on this. Shame on KWTX and other media outlets protecting an violent domestic abuser because of their ties to her socially and professionally.

If she was a man, you bet your life she would have been fired and rightfully so! No exceptions. She should be held accountable! A man would have been immediately fired and properly reported on.

Absolutely use her mug shot! Why should she be spared the embarrassment of being a domestic abuser? Again, if she was a man you’d use her mug shot. Stop protecting her.

Ask anyone who has had the misfortune of having worked with her and they will tell you she gives Joan Crawford aka “Mommy Dearest” a run for her money. She was abusive, violent, confrontational, hostile, degrading, often attacking fellow staff. It’s not shocking at all that her husband was also victim and finally she was caught by the law for her assault!

Its no wonder so many men suffer though domestic violence and abuse and never report it after seeing her being coddled and protected like this. Stop protecting her. She is a domestic abuser. Hold her accountable. No exceptions. Stop the violence no matter what sex they are.


As I was reading these posts regarding the charges against Ms. Maya, I couldn't help but notice they kept digging in deeper and deeper with personal sentiment, about yourselves. If you are a custodian, and you don't like your job, or feel that you are under paid; maybe you should have stayed in school and pursued a better job for yourself. If you are a lonely housewife, with nothing better to do then attack someone that is in a high ranking position at KISD, please know that with this position comes high stress and responsibility, to the school district. Ms. Maya is feeling that everyday since this incident happened, and it will be a great loss to KISD if they chose to let her go, but be that as it may, she still shows up everyday to do an excellent job in her capacity.

Mercy people, remember that the mercy you show others will be the mercy shown to you. SO, unless all you people with comments, as well as the reporter of this story, are saints, umm I know that none of us are perfect, therefore, with all due respect I am praying for each and everyone of us to allow the Lord to handle the outcome of this truly sad situation. I do believe that each of us has a cross to bear in life, so this hers, let us all pick up our own cross and do the right thing. Try to imagine a world surrounded with love and peace, if everyone does, what a wonderful world it would be.


I am certain that the custodians that posted their post were not saying they did not like the job they have. I don't think it's fair to say they should have stayed in school. Not everyone can afford college and custodians are very needed in our schools. They work long hours doing work that most people would not do. They are called dozens of times each day to clean up vomit or accidents by students. An instructional asst is required to have a 2 yr degree and does everything from hours long lunch duty to subbing classes when no sub shows up. Most all that I know love their job.The complaints stem from the lack of pay for these positions. They want their jobs! They just don't get paid their worth or anywhere near it and Ms Mayas pay is way beyond what it should be for a district employee. That's through no fault of hers. The pay for KISD needs to be more fair across the board.


In recent events Mr. Bill was fired after someone else ran over his student. He was so grief stricken that he took his own life a few hours later. They didn't emphasize with him at all. No counciling, no excuses just fired! And this man had an awesome personality willing to help anyone. Have you ever talked to Maya when the camera is not rolling? Her attitude is ugly and aggressive. If this situation is not handled accordingly maybe it's time for all the "UNIMPORTANT" people to all call in sick addy the same time until Craft get the message. Fair is fair. I'm sick of this district. Do you know that bus aides don't even make $800 a month but yet and still they want to pay her over $130,000 a year! Treat everyone with dignity.


Of course the rules don't apply for her , meanwhile hourly employees are loosing their jobs over health issues,or threatened to loose their jobs . Why is there a zero tolerance for children lol but princess here gets to beat her husband with no consequences 🤔


Why not post her mug shot and not this image of her smiling and looking innocent. Post the mugshot like you do so many of the minorities.

Bus Driver 007

Well is does not surprise me. Higher management always take care of the people they LIKE. But get rid of the ones they really need. If it was any other employee they would have been fired and not retuned to work the next day. This show bad leadership from Craft and I hope the board members see it. This shows that she acts before she thinks. She showed that she lacks discipline and self control. She just gave KISD one black eye and we get another form Craft and the Board members? According to the Employee Hand book page 67 there is no mention about voidance in the home that she will fall under. Sound like Craft is covering for her and make me and other think why? Is there something between them?

Bus Driver 007



Shameful! Just another example of the poor leadership at KISD! I saw first hand the favoritism. Had this been any auxiliary employee or MALE they would have been terminated immediately. It is obvious that the hand picked criminal will not even get as much as a hand slap for her criminal activity! I certainly hope you husband takes action and gets a portion of her over paid position!

I pray the school board gets involved and realizes Dr Craft is not making decisions in the best interest of the school district. A perfect example is all of these high paying positions he has created, meanwhile the special education program is failing. Teachers are not being paid equally. The auxiliary staff are severally underpaid and most quality for governmental assistance.

Let's not mention the fact that parents are required to purchase huge supply list and what they parents do not buy the teachers do.

Seriously I am so thankful I made the decision to leave the district! I would be ashamed to say I work in a district with such poor leadership, and favoritism!

I wish I would have read this article before I voted on school board members, I surely would not have voted for Rainwater!


Sorry to see this happen. But once again just because she has a pretty face and she was probably hand picked. She has problems just like anyone else in thir lives. If people would just stop living a lie it would be better. We scrutinize and watch everyone else but the one's we should be watching. Just a thought and my own opinion.


1st off let me start off by saying Mrs.Tania does a great job for the school district but as a KISD employee myself I do find this disturbing because 1 if it was myself or any other custodian in cleaning services we would be terminated immediately no questions asked. And that’s not fair. Because she was hand picked by the superintendent himself and makes way more money than any of us custodians will ever see and for what we are the ones that are on the frontlines cleaning up behind everyone durning these COVID times and we as custodians are hardily ever mentioned, respected, or even noticed for are continued hard work. Granted some do recognize us but the majority don’t. And we are well under paid at that especially durning COVID. All I’m saying is I hope They (The School District) treats this case like if it was one of us at the very bottom had done this. I never wish someone to be fired but she does need to be disciplined heavily for this actions she caused with her husband. That is all. Thank you

Ps- we just want to be heard and recognized better Thank you

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