Amy Cage (left) with others protesting outside of the Bell County Juvenile Services building on Rancier in Killeen Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021.

Temple resident Amy Cage staged a small protest in front of the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center in Killeen on Sunday afternoon.

Cage said the protest was a spontaneous idea after she was just denied visitation with her son, 16-year-old Jordan Hampton, for a third week in a row. Cage said visitation is normally on Sundays, and detention center officials told her visitation is being denied due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said the detention center is using COVID as an excuse, because visitation is over a video screen.

Hampton is awaiting trial on a Killeen murder charge. Cage recently file a lawsuit against the county, alleging her son is being physically and mentally abused at the detention center.

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For the mother to want to visit her son in JV JAIL due too an ADULT CRIME that he committed she should be thankful that he was not placed in COUNTY with the adults where he would find out what ABUSE is all about from his fellow inmates that would take full advantage of him at any given time. Yes some of the guards would do the same by looking the OTHER WAY. For the mother to cry out due too see was not allowed to see her child, she should have called to insure that visitation was taking place in that unit before she went there. Now that her child is locked up now she wants to cry out due too this child could be CERTIFIDE as an ADULT and given the ADULT TIME.


So is this woman going to protest when her son is getting beat down in adult prison by guards and inmates?? I'm sorry to say this, but this is just a small taste of what her son is going to get once he gets to the pen.

Her son earned grown man status when he robbed and murdered someone.


This is an easy fix. For all concerned. Mom is worried about her son who is charged with the adult crime and decision of taking another human life as murder. He should be moved into the Bell County Jail System. Regardless of his age. He doesn't need to be housed with Juveniles. He made his decision. She should be very proud of her son. That is good parenting right there. Thank you for taking a stand ...


This is an easy solution. Her son is charged with murder, he should be moved from the Juvenile facility into the Bell County Prison system. Then she will not have to worry about any misconduct among the Juvenile staff.


Mom should have been this vigilante when her son was out running the streets killing people and murdering innocent civilians.

So, yeah. not feeling the poor persecuted "Cant visit my son" mom vibe :-(

better luck next time.

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