Four years after gunfire erupted at a Killeen apartment building claiming the life of a police detective, the capital murder case of Marvin Guy remains in limbo.

“A trial date has not been scheduled and there is not a pending court date,” Jessica Bridge, a court coordinator and administrator for Bell County’s 27th Judicial District Court headed by Judge John Gauntt, said in an email Tuesday.

Guy’s trial date of Jan. 17 was canceled in January and has not been rescheduled, according to records.

Guy, 53, is accused of killing police Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie during an exchange of gunfire during a SWAT raid at Guy’s apartment on May 9, 2014. Dinwiddie died a few days later in the hospital.

Guy is charged with one count of capital murder and three counts of attempted capital murder after he exchanged gunfire during an early-morning “no-knock” warrant at the apartment on Circle M Drive in Killeen. Dinwiddie, a leader on the police department’s special weapons and tactics team, was fatally shot.

Two other police officers were shot during the raid.

In past interviews, Guy has said that he believed his home was being broken into during the 5 a.m. raid, and he began shooting in self defense.

Gauntt imposed a gag order on the case in 2015, limiting what officials can say about the case.

The Bell County District Attorney said the state was ready to begin jury selection in January, but that a motion filed by the defense in December 2017 delayed the start.

“We have been ready multiple times, and in a position to bring this case to trial,” Garza said on Tuesday. “The family of Chuck Dinwiddie deserves closure, and these delays simply cause great frustration to all involved. Our hope is that we can bring this case to completion and give the Dinwiddie family their day in court.”

Garza said in an email Tuesday the court is “awaiting information to be completed to determine what setting would next be appropriate,” but he did not elaborate on what that meant.

Dinwiddie is still remembered by members of the department, as was evident at the Police Memorial Softball Tournament on April 28 that raised money for families of fallen officers.

Holly Dinwiddie, the detective’s widow, and Kimberly Hornsby Wagner, the widow of KPD Officer Robert L. “Bobby” Hornsby, who was killed in 2013, each threw out the first pitch of the game.

Guy is in the Bell County Jail on bonds totaling $4.5 million for three counts of attempt to commit capital murder and one count of capital murder, according to records.

Emily Hilley-Sierzchula is reporter for the Killeen Daily Herald. Reach her at

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The fact is when people dress like terrorists and act like terrorists, there should be a good chance they are shot and possibly killed. This cop didn't call out, there was no need for him to be there, they went in with violence and it cost him his life. --- No knock search warrants should rarely be used. But the cops get shinny new tools they want to try out on unsuspecting citizens and they resort to violence every chance they get. --- From what I know, this man is innocent. From what i know, there is no need for him to be in jail. It is the D.A. and the Cops you have to worry about. I for one am glad this cop is no longer on the street. And if there was justice, there are many more in the department that should not be in uniform. They are not fit to be cops.


I knew Det. Dinwiddie. I liked the guy. He impressed me as an honest human being. I only know what is reported in the media about Guy, the alleged shooter. That said, I suspect there is a problem LEGALLY with how the warrant was served. The average time to try a murder case all across this state is about 24-30 months. This case is approaching 50 months, despite Guy hiring new lawyers regularly, that alone doesn't explain the delay. So, we wait....

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