Jovita Vaughn

Jovita Vaughn, 28, was booked into the Bell County Jail on charges of criminal trespassing and harassment of a public servant.

A Killeen man thought he had heard something overnight, then found an unknown naked woman sleeping in his guest bedroom Sunday morning.

Jovita Vaughn, 28, was booked into the Bell County Jail Tuesday on charges of criminal trespassing and harassment of a public servant.

Upon arrival to a criminal trespassing in progress call Sunday, Killeen police officers were told by the complainant that “he believed someone had come into his house last night, but did not check until that morning.”

Complainant had “found a female sleeping naked on an air mattress in one of his other rooms,” according to an arrest affidavit.

The naked woman was identified by police as Jovita Vaughn, also known as Jovita Garza.

Complainant told police officers he “wanted her gone.”

Vaughn told police that she had previously lived at the residence in 2009, so she should be able to stay at the residence, according to the arrest affidavit.

Vaughn allegedly refused to leave at which point Killeen Police officers began to arrest the woman.

During the arrest, Vaughn refused to put her clothes back on and refused to stand up, according to police.

“Officers then arrested Vaughn and led her out of the house, attempting to cover her body with clothing from the residence,” according to the affidavit.

Just outside the residence, Vaughn allegedly turned her head and spit on a Killeen police officer, adding a harassment of a public servant charge, a third-degree felony, to her existing criminal trespassing charge.

Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke arraigned Vaughn and set her bond at $100,000 Monday. | 254-501-7567


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Haha, me thinks there is more to this story! I mean, who doesn't lock their front door at night? And who enters a house to conveniently find an air mattress ready to sleep on? (every air mattress I've ever used goes flat in a couple of days). That man invited her in then realized he'd made a big mistake!


Sounds like a one night stand gone wrong. Won't leave? Fine I'll call the cops. Hahaha


LOL. How many men find unidentified naked women in their house the next morning, and claim they have no knowledge of them?

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