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A local woman was taken into custody after allegedly attempting to deposit a fraudulent check. The woman, identified as Sakeitra Amboree, was arraigned Thursday under the charge of possessing fraudulent identification, according to an arrest affidavit. Justice of the Peace Gregory Johnson set her bail at $20,000.

On Oct. 6, Harker Heights police officers were dispatched to a bank in Harker Heights for a possible forgery call. When police arrived, they stopped a vehicle that was carrying four passengers, including Amboree, the arrest affidavit said.

Amboree stated that she was trying to deposit a personal check that was written to her for her cleaning services, the arrest affidavit said. Police interviewed employees who interacted with Amboree. One employee said that the endorsement line appeared to be in the style of Amboree’s signature so she called the owner of the check to verify the deposit, the arrest affidavit said. The original owner of the check said they did not give Amboree the check and they did not write it.

Bank employees showed officers a copy of the owners signature on file, and they found it was reasonable to believe it was not theirs, the arrest affidavit said.

In other arraignments, Imunique Brown was arraigned with possession of controlled substance over 1 gram but less than 4 on Wednesday. Johnson set the bail at $27,000.

Derrick Nash Jr. was arraigned with possession of a controlled substance under 1 gram on Wednesday. Johnson set the bail at $20,000.

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