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Killeen City Council considers 3-year terms, $900 monthly pay increase during charter review

To the question: Do you think Killeen City Council should be paid $1,000.00 per month instead of $100.00 per month'? The answer is is absolutely not. This council is not worth anything as they have not figured out a way to fix our roads, fix our underground water pipes fix our dilapidated trunk water lines, fix our chlorinated water system, and many of the nuances that have plagued Killeen for many years now. They think nothing of handicapping the residents of Killeen, but they go on record of wanting to increase the dividend by 10 fold. Well, in my opinion, they do not deserve any raise, in fact they should be giving the money back as they are not deserving of anything.

No I do not see this council being deserving of any amount of money nor the extension of 2 to 3 years, in fact I'm all for firing the whole lot of them.


Totally agree. They don't deserve one red cent. All they do is argue and get NOTHING accomplished.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. They should not be paid ANYTHING.

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