Cove Parade

This route will be taken during the parade in Copperas Cove Thursday. 

Staff with Clement Parsons Elementary School in Copperas Cove will be driving through town in their personal cars Thursday to honk and wave at their students.

The staff members will start the parade at the elementary school and take off at 2 p.m.

According to a flyer for the parade, students must stay in their doorway or driveway, they cannot approach cars or run in the street, students must have parents permission to go outside and all people should maintain distance from others.

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Going to the store or gas station is a necessary function. Driving aimlessly around town on the premiss some 6 year old might see you is the ignorant move! If you're so conscientious you'd be setting an example for students rather than teaching them to disregard the warnings and pleadings of government officials and health care professionals around the world!


Sorry to see people being so negative... School staff are going in their own cars, their students need to see their teachers as much as the teachers need their students, the chances are, they won't see each other again this school year... Precautions are being taken, I think is awesome... Sadden to see how people are so panicky and ignorant...


People aren't being negative, they're being realistic. They obviously have medical training and knowledge that you don't. Teachers and students don't "need to see each other" (which they do anyway through virtual conferencing and recorded lessons), they need to stay safe! Getting people out driving around unnecessarily puts them and others at risk. People are dying from this, so it's definitely not "panicky and ignorant!" If you don't understand how the parade is not a safe idea, then you should do a lot more research and try talking to some health care professionals dealing with this in the ERs.


Really?! A public school? I don't think people understand the meaning of "community spread" bc otherwise it would mean they were choosing to ignore the recommendations of the CDC/federal govt to avoid NON-ESSENTIAL activities. People just making their own rules w/o any regard for anyone else. As a front-line ER RN, shame on those administrators!


Be careful, don't go to the store, or to the gas station, a simple look and wave can be deadly!!! The virus is spread psychologically now, too, haven't you heard?!


Lol... 🤣


What do you people not understand about "essential travel only"? This is total disregard for the safety and well being of the entire city. Absolutely disgusting!!!


How exactly?! They will be in their cars, there will be no contact, not even close, as a normal distance from a moving car, needs to be more than 6 ft safely, children will be at their front doors or driveways, so, how exactly?!


??? Good question... Why can't people just Mind their business. If you think there is something wrong with this do not participant 🤨

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