Job fair

Chuck Kelley, director of investigations and school safety for Killeen ISD, talked to individuals interested in becoming employees with the district at a KISD job fair in July.

More than four dozen Killeen Independent School District teachers resigned or retired just prior to Christmas break, but district officials are hopeful upcoming job fairs will help bridge the gap.

As of Dec. 17, the last day of school before Christmas break, according to data obtained by the Herald, Killeen ISD received 71 “notices of departure” from district employees — 57, or 80%, were teachers. In all, KISD has more than 6,100 employees.

KISD job fair

Nikki Rivera, secretary to the chief human resources officer in Killeen ISD, checks in a prospective applicant to the district during a July job fair in Killeen.

KISD Board

Killeen ISD Superintendent John Craft, left, talks to board president Joann Purser, middle, and board vice president Susan Jones, right, about monetary incentives for employees during a school board meeting on Dec. 7. | 254-501-7567


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Those incentives are pretty weak IMO. Especially for teachers who are already underpaid.


Wow! Teachers are not even finishing the year? I know COVID-19 is one of the reasons, but I think teachers are scared to work for KISD now due to the high resurgence of violence from students lately too. We are living in different times now. I LOVED working for KISD. I dedicated many years of service. But those were different times. Still Love it, though. So..😥 😔 💔😪


It would be helpful to know *why* teachers are leaving. Obviously, the retention programs available are not working.


Wow. I cannot Believe it! Teachers leaving before the year is Over? I know that COVID-19 might be a big reason, but I strongly believe that the teachers are scared with what's going on in the campuses, and violence. I don't know. I loved working for KISD. I dedicated 15 yrs of my life. But we are in different times now..So sad..😪💔


The clot shot (Covid 19) is pushing out people of virtue and faith to make way for more commies to finish destroying the minds of your children. Get them out now before it’s too late

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